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By: Computeraid Professional  09-12-2011

AV.Export is an age verification and export software that was developed to assist users in maximizing opportunities available for marketing age verified cattle and help exporters of live feeder cattle or fats meet all of the mandatory export requirements within one software application. With many of Canada’s international trading partners now placing age restrictions on beef they will receive, the need for age verification is significant. Through the Canadian Livestock Identification System (CCIA) producers, feedlots and investors have the ability to record birth dates and confirm birth dates giving Canadian cattle a significant competitive advantage. By accurately recording and submitting birth date information we are increasing potential access to domestic and international markets and building upon the credibility and value of Canada’s animal identification and traceability program. 

AV.Export has 2 components:

  1. Age Verification - this provides the ability to collect CCIA number’s chute-side and have real time age verification. Cattle can then be sorted by birth date to allow easy identification of those that can be shipped to Japan, the United States, Taiwan and other markets as they become available.

  2. Export System - this provides the ability to scan animals prior to shipping and identify any animals that may be qualified for markets other than the United States. It also generates the appropriate paperwork for U.S. Customs in order to ship finished or feeder cattle into the United States markets.

  • Report age verified cattle by lot, market date/country or a date range

  • Collect and store CCIA tags for use in sorting at re-implant or at time of shipment

  • Correlate your visual tag, lot, and pen information to the CCIA tag

  • Recheck your cattle at any time using the batch submit to identify new animals that are now age verified

  • Reconcile birth certificates received

  • Import data from birth certificates and third party systems


  • Enter data directly into the program and the export forms for the Canadian Food & Inspection Agency are automatically created and ready for signature

  • Determine any available birth dates for animals being shipped 

  • Collect all mandatory information in one screen

  • Create an export exception report to show non-shipped animals

  • Create a file to retire CCIA tags of exported animals from the CCIA database

ComputerAid can provide you with information and pricing on the hardware and scanner options which would most suit your organization’s needs. We provide a one-stop solution ensuring the hardware and scanner is configured to allow for quick and easy implementation into your operation.

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