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By: Big Rock Bobcat  09-12-2011
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At Big Rock we use sophisticated construction technologies like advanced concrete construction systems and the latest innovations in mixing and curing of concrete to deliver safe and aesthetically pleasing concrete driveways, walkways, patios, walls and more, that will be around for decades. Thanks to the innovations of engineers and concrete contractors over the years, concrete construction is proving to be stronger, with more longevity than ever before.

Big Rock Bobcat & Concrete has given countless homes a rich atmospheres by installing gorgeous stamped concrete surfaces. Through the process of stamping concrete, natural and beautiful textures such as granite, slate, stone, and brick are duplicated with incredible realism. Not only are these surfaces natural and beautiful, they are incredibly durable as well. Through our innovative techniques we can render the surface non-porous, making it very easy to clean. If you wish to create a unique look of lasting beauty to complement or accentuate your home or business then look no further.

Acid Stain contains inorganic salts dissolved in an acidic, water-based solution that reacts chemically with the minerals in hardened cement-based materials to produce permanent color that will not chip, peel, or flake.

It is one of the most popular applications for transforming boring concrete slabs into beautiful acid stained concrete. Acid staining can also be referred to as colored concrete. Developers, homeowners, and designers like to implement acid stained concrete because of the original outcomes that can be achieved by combining different colors and applying multiple application techniques on concrete

Exposed aggregate concrete is a style of decorative concrete where the aggregates of the cement, mainly pebbles and small stones, are exposed in contrast to the traditional smooth finish of concrete surfaces. Exposed aggregate concrete adds visual interest to a surface because of its random designs and diverse colors.

Aside from looks and a reasonable price, exposed aggregate also features the main characteristic of concrete – strength. All these make this option widely popular. Because it’s very hard wearing, some common applications of exposed aggregate concrete are driveways, sidewalks, patios.

Broomed concrete is a standard, non-slip texture that is used where a simple look is appropriate. The broomed look can be applied in a fanning technique called Fan Troweling or in a linear method stroked in opposing directions creating subtleties that pick up the light differently from different directions.

• Integral Color: is color pigment that is actually mixed into the bulk concrete that is poured on site. This color is dispersed through the substance thoroughly. This maintains color, even if the concrete gets chipped.

• Broadcast Color: (sometimes referred to as Color Hardener) provides a wider and more intense range of color options. A special cement and coloring agent in powder form is distributed over the damp cement by hand. The broadcast color not only produces color accents it hardens the outer surface as well.

• Post Color: is a method of staining the surface after it has dried.

Combinations of these methods are used to achieve a variegated color quality sometimes referred to as an "antiqued" or "old world" look. It produces a very sophisticated appearance which compliments the architectural details that surround it rather than compete with them.

There are 3 methods we use to color new concrete:

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