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By: Beamer Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: information management, project planning


Information Management

Information management (IM) is the collection, distribution and management of information typically from many disciplines. Since this entails a great deal of effort, the Information becomes an asset. To utilize the value of IM, It must be made available and shared with all key stakeholders.Our training teaches you how to manage and maintain IM throughout a project. Your focus is on efficiently using project data, not finding it.

Beamer Solutions has the knowledge, experience, and proven techniques to execute a first-rate information management system.

Project Completion

Project Completion planning begins at project conception. Most projects today require testing by system. This is why Beamer Solutions advocates system planning and turnover in the front end as the components of the project will ultimately be turned over by system to the owner for commissioning at the completion of the project. However we recognize many companies will develop project plans based on bulk components. Some simple adaptations allow for these scenarios to exist side by side and for completion to occur regardless of completion strategy.

Beamer Solutions knows that detail has great importance, especially to execute project completion plans.

Beamer Solutions

Beamer Solutions are all about working with what you have. Your HR department hired the best people it could find. The secret is not necessarily changing your staff, but giving them the tools to be substantially more effective. Beamer Solutions have been employed on many projects. A key feedback from staff is that they have learned how to actually maximize their output through less effort. That is the key to WFP and IM. Work smart, not hard.

Beamer Solutions specializes in providing project planning services for all types of EPCM projects, no matter the complexity.  Our staff is informed, professional and dedicated to all your project needs.

Keywords: information management, project planning