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Keywords: climate change, Emissions Reduction, Tree Species

  Services Offered by CACOFA

Trees-to-Credit : A novel industry-community partnership in absorbing atmospheric CO2 through growing of fast growing, economically viable and environmentally adaptive trees species using the latest conservation agriculture (reduced tillage) techniques and generating carbon credit. CACOFA welcomes sponsorship from financial institutions and businesses interested in offsetting their greenhouse gas emissions and purchasing carbon credit from these projects. 

"Going Green" has turned into big business for many.With the world becoming aware of our destructive direction as a society, more businesses, communities, institutions and conscious individuals are turning to eco-friendly solutions to not only green the world, but also to help their green reputation, increase income and provide vital resources. CACOFA provide vital services to not only plant trees, but plant fast growing tree species with record of ecozone, habitat, soil type, characteristics, monitoring of trees and prevention or addressing outbreak of forest fires and pest infestations, generating revenue through growing of trees and converting Tthe biomass amassed into carbon credits.

Flares-to-Credit:  As a consequence of the human health and environmental impacts of flaring, legislation has been developed around the world with a goal to reducing routine flaring (gas that meets an economic threshold for conservation) at producing wells and production facilities. CACOFA is a leader in marketing of a patent low emission burner technology with 99% burner efficiency, with enclosed flaring equipment, applicable in sour wells, tight holes, or when drilling in close proximity to populated areas. This cost-effective, technologically superior combustion provide a standard for oil companies and other facilities to measure emissions and to convert emissions reduction to tradable carbon credits. 

No-flares-to-Credit: Through compression of marketable waste gases otherwise flared    in the oil and gas sectors and converted to carbon credits.

Waste-to-Credit: Through the conversion to carbon credit, of recyclable portions of solid waste streams such as: wood, plastics, paper, cardboard and glass, from municipalities businesses and communities. 

Carbon Neutral Planning : CACOFA provides expert services for municipalities, private and public sectors through drawing of a carbon neutral plan to measure and manage GHG emissions through eco-efficiency in-house practices and buying of offsets in line with existing local legislations.

Climate Change Opportunities for Businesses : As climate change does not only create new risks, costs and liabilities, but also generate economic opportunities, such as investments in carbon sequestration projects, renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency projects, emissions trading, and climate change related microfinance presented by CACOFA.

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Keywords: climate change, Emissions Reduction, Tree Species