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By: Keho  09-12-2011


Blowers/Air Pumps

KEHO designs and manufactures Pressure Cure® Dry products. Designed for today's demanding farming applications, these products use leading-edge technology and are backed by our friendly, responsive customer service.

KEHO Air Pumps excel in the high static pressure ranges required by Pressure Cure® Drying to move greater volumes of air through the grain mass.

KEHO is committed to "Balance and Performance by Design" technology. This is evident in the specially-designed precision air foil blades of the air pump impeller. Each precision aluminum extruder air foil blade is assembled onto the quarter-inch-thick aluminum wheel plate. This results in a well-balanced impeller which contributes to an extremely long bearing life.

The products KEHO manufactures all deliver excellent performance. We continue to invest in research and development to ensure you receive the highest value and we are committed to increasing your profitability through constant innovation and design.

Where other fans' pressure curves drop off, the KEHO Air Pump is still moving high volumes at peak efficiencies. Due to our precision balancing, KEHO fans last many years longer.

*Available in 3HP, 5HP, 7.5HP, 10HP, 15HP, & 30HP
Single phase or 3 phase (60 HZ or 50HZ).

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The equilibrium moisture content is the point at which the combination of temperature and humidity in the stored crop is equal to the air consistently moving through it. The term airflow is defined as the volume of air that is generated by a blower and is usually measured in terms of cubic feet per minute or liters per second.


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