By: Michels Canada  09-12-2011
Keywords: Rehabilitation, Utility Construction

As the innovative leader in pipeline rehabilitation, Michels has perfected a cutting-edge technology that rehabilitates an existing pipe without the need to break ground. We offer extensive pipe services to keep pace with the growing demand in the energy, transportation, telecommunications and utility construction industries.

  • CCTV – Closed Circuit Television inspection equipment inspects damaged or deteriorating pipelines to view problem areas normally undetected by standard television equipment.
  • Lateral Camera – Michels’ Line Launched Lateral Evaluation Television System (LETS) is a self-contained, portable unit for inspecting sewer service laterals, remotely working from a main sewer line.
  • Line Cleaning – Our superior hydraulic cleaning equipment uses special application nozzles’ optimum pressure and flushing systems to remove blockages easily restoring pipe flow to full capacity.
  • Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) – No excavation is needed for this truly trenchless monolithic pipe-within-a-pipe application. With the help of premium felts and resins, Michels rehabilitates structurally deteriorated pipelines quickly, economically and in an eco-friendly manner.
  • CIPP Internal Point Repair – This is a non-disruptive method for repairing localized structural problems in otherwise sound pipe. This point repair method rehabilitates damaged pipe from 15-61 cm in diameter and up to 3 metres in length without digging.
  • Pipe-bursting – We have a tried-and-true pipeline rehabilitation method capable of actually increasing the diameter of the existing pipe. Pneumatically powered bursting heads pull in welded HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe, resulting in an efficient, reliable installation process that can increase infrastructure flow capacity.
  • Chemical Grouting – First developed in 1955, chemical grouting is the most cost-effective, long-term defense against infiltration and exfiltration of groundwater in structurally sound sewer systems. It is also used to stop leaks in sewer, manholes, tanks, vaults and tunnels.
  • Segmented PVC Slip Lining – No profile joints rehabilitate existing pipes with a fast-to-install, low-cost structural pipe. Michels can install SPVC without cumbersome total pipeline bypass required by other processes and minimizes traffic control accordingly.
  • Structural Rehabilitation – This involves any of the following techniques:
    • slabjacking/stabilization
    • dam restoration
    • manhole sealing/coating
    • pressure grouting/soil stabilization
    • crack sealing
    • epoxy injection
    • joint caulking

Keywords: Rehabilitation, Utility Construction

Other products and services from Michels Canada


Electrical Services

Our expertise and experience includes overhead and underground transmission and distribution lines, as well as new substation construction and upgrades. Michels is a leader in electrical power infrastructure construction. Complete Turnkey Projects Including Survey and ROW Services. Foundation/Caisson Construction including Rock Drilling. New Construction and Rebuilds through 500kV.


Pipeline Services

As the need for underground utilities grows, Michels leads the way with a broad spectrum of utility pipeline construction services. We are distinguished by our commitment to provide clients with nationwide service. Mainline and distribution pipeline construction.


Directional Drilling

Michels is recognized throughout North America and around the globe as the industry leader in both land and marine horizontal directional drilling. Michels has completed pipe installations of up to 152 centimetres in diameter crossing spans of more than 4572 metres. Custom-fabricated large specialized drilling equipment, available for projects anywhere in the world. Horizontal directional drilling is especially efficient for river crossings.



As a nationally recognized utility contractor – Michels Canada embodies integrity and quality – everyday - in order to assist our customers in many areas including, Directional Drilling, Micro Tunneling, Cured-In-Place-Pipe, Wind Energy, Vertical Drilling, Telecommunications, Pipeline Services and Electrical Services.