By: Inrock  09-12-2011
Keywords: Drilling, Hdd

HDD installations require practical experience, proper tool selection and correct drilling procedure planning. INROCK® has the expertise to assist you in identifying the most efficient, cost-effective drilling components package ensuring a successful completion of your HDD projects.

Directional Drilling Systems Solutions

Understanding borehole conditions, specifying performance, designing pilot hole drilling assemblies, minimizing the number of reaming passes, and knowing how to get through the "hard spots" are just a few of the reasons INROCK® has gained an international reputation as the "leader in HDD systems drilling".

Keywords: Drilling, Hdd

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A unique performance priced product line, XTR® offers the ability to effectively increase reaming pass sizes in soft-medium-hard rock over longer bore holes, thereby increasing drilling performance and provinding lowest cost per foot rock psi range. INROCK®'s XTR® reaming platform is the only single reaming tool that accepts soft, intermediate and premium rock drilling cutters.



This premium performance product line enables the drilling of longer bores or multiple bores, in hard rock. HDX® premium rock drilling technology now available on INROCK HDX® innovative XTR® reamer platform. Reaming technology has revolutionized premium hard rock drilling in the HDD industry. Technology continues to push the envelope in hard rock drilling tool performance. Proven tool design, coupled with Sandvik.



INROCK®'s Interchangeable cutter BMR - Boremaster reaming product line further underscores our long term, focused commitment to increasing HDD drilling tool performance BMR provides proven drilling performance cutting pass of 6" -10", LOWEST COST PER FOOT, in soft - medium rock (1000 psi - 12,000 psi). Flexible plate form compliments INROCK®'s high performance XTR® and premium hard rock HDX® reaming product lines.