By: Priddis Millarville Fair  09-12-2011

Wow. That was quite the herd. We watched the Fair crowd coming and going over at the Millarville Track the other day, miles and miles of them filling acres and acres, all through the day, big ones, little ones, floating by with their dogs and their gooses and their hay and their pies and their pictures and their horses and their ribbons and curls, with parades and floats and messy pie-eating contests, quilt auctions, raffles, kid’s playing, face-painting, sitting and visiting, shopping in the Market . . . . . . and all of the smiles, smiles, smiles . . . . .

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Straight from the barn

She’ll be received in style at “Movie Night Under The Stars” at the Millarville Race Track on June 26, graciously invited to attend by the good folks at the Millarville Community School. For a sedate, uneventful sixty years, our beloved Millie the Massey led a Susan Boyle-like existence, puttering away around the farm, well removed from headlines and spotlight alike.



Obviously the community is solidly behind the continuation of the Fair, which was demonstrated by a significant increase in Fair entries to a record-breaking 4,000 as well as the increase in youth participation. The dedication of the “Friends of the Fair” and the efforts of hundreds of volunteers and sponsors deserve all of our admiration and thanks.