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By: Purity And Truth  09-12-2011

Purity and Truth » Apologetics

Author’s note. The views expressed by the different men in this story, do not reflect the views of the author, though my current views are most similar  to Jack’s, who represents C.S. Lewis.  Each man in the bible study represents a real man who holds one of the different positions. The purpose of this article is to compare the views that have been held on hell through out history. Please compare these thoughts with God’s word and make up your own mind on this critical issue

by Jesse Jost

         “Welcome to our Discover the Word Bible study. Today we are going to look at this whole critical issue of Hell. This doctrine, which is of the utmost importance to the Christian life, has come under fire in recent years, as more and more Christians are letting their likes and dislikes determine their theology rather than submitting their minds to the authority of Christ and His Word.”

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After his conversion dramatically changed the course of his life, Charles poured his life into evangelism. Despite his outward fervor and success, Charles was haunted by intellectual doubts about his faith. He became close friends with Billy Graham and they hit the spotlight almost simultaneously. Purity and Truth» Christian Living. He was a man passionate for God.


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It’s hard to resist reading a book that draws the fire of trusted conservative voices such as Mark Driscoll and Hank Hanegraaff, while at the same time garnering from Eugene Peterson one of the greatest compliments a Christian work of fiction can receive: He compared it to Bunyan’s classic Pilgrim’s Progress.


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A sense of great peace has came over me as I realized that because of the relationship I had with my dad, and of learning to be vulnerable with him, the transition to relating to my heavenly Father as my current protector and comforter will be seamless.