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By: Zedteeel  09-12-2011

These days it’s not just about having the fastest processor and the most gigs of RAM.If you’re running a business you probably don’t need the hottest game chip out there, or the loudest sound card. But you will need to be able to run the software your business relies on, and you will need them to run hassle free, day in and day out, so your staff can too.Do you even know the questions to ask?Will you need individual workstations or a complete server system?
What type, how big, how fast.. how soon will it all be outdated?Our qualified professionals will guide you through the “technobabble” and ensure you end up with a solution that’s right for your business, not just a “latest greatest”.. “let’s see what the box says” answer.Our technicians have experience designing and installing business computer systems. They have the qualification and certifications necessary to have you up and running seamlessly and painlessly.ZedTeeEl can manage the entire process for you, from initial consultation and system design, to installation and set-up, including on-site training, maintenance, repair and upgrading.

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First, it is made of glass and therefore resistant to environmental effects.Second, it provides virtually unlimited bandwidth and operates literally at the speed of light. It means efficient, fast, secure and reliable networking.