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By: Solid Rock Fencing  09-12-2011
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Lock ‘n Load: Strong, Attractive, Economical

The LOCK+LOAD Retaining Wall System is a high strength versatile earth retention system suitable for applications where strong, attractive, and economical structures are required.

Precast design

  • The LOCK+LOAD modular design, uses two high strength, light weight, fibre reinforced concrete components assembled into a single unit. These units alone can be used to build short walls or in conjunction with soil reinforcement for tall retaining structures. The design flexibility of LOCK+LOAD and its versatility in creating handsome rugged retaining walls make LOCK+LOAD the ideal solution for any earth retention application.

Engineered for maximum efficiency

  • A significant advantage of the LOCK+LOAD wall system is that guardrails, barriers, or fences can be positioned directly behind the wall face maximizing useable space. Another distinct advantage is that each LOCK+LOAD stone acts independently to provide superior stability and eliminate settling problems.

Unique design allows for immediate compaction right on the wall face

  • A typical design for a LOCK+LOAD “stone” wall is three or four stacked “stones” in height (4- 5 ft.) A wall of this type will usually not require professional design or need additional soil reinforcement. When space is available, an offset between the tiers of LOCK+LOAD “Stones” provides planting areas for landscaping. These landscaped areas may be equally distributed between tiers or added together to achieve a larger landscape area.
  • Taller walls like the eight foot high LOCK+LOAD retaining wall system require soil reinforcement. LOCK+LOAD and other retaining walls are typically designed and built in conformance with the Uniform Building Code and require a professionally engineered design specific to the wall site.
  • The walls can also be used in marine environments to build attractive, durable “Sea Walls” with proper design consideration given to local hydrodynamics
  • The installation of LOCK+LOAD retaining walls is not unlike laying bricks in a bed of mortar. The soil backfill acts as mortar for LOCK+LOAD walls, where the panel and counterfort behave like the brick. As each row is placed the soil backfill is used to grade and level each self supporting panel so that it is plumb, on line and at the correct elevation. The row of panels is then backfilled, compacted and the process is repeated until the finished wall height is reached. Excavation for this type of structure needs to be deep enough to allow placement of a granular footing for the grade of the bottom row of Panels. If foundation bearing capacity is adequate and uniform then little footing gravel is required.

Keywords: Retaining Walls, Wall

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