By: Tvsmor  09-12-2011

ARCHITECTURAL: Layouts, revisions, mark-ups, or full tech design.MECHANICAL: 2D shop drawings, plans, or 3D representations.WHERE-EVER A PLAN IS NEEDED: We have specialists in many fields looking to help you out.INSTRUCTION: At a local College in Lloydminster, we are putting on 5 levels of learning that will net you a certificate. ..Or get in touch with us and we can cater a program to your needs.CONSULTING: We can get you working with your own standards to keep all plans looking similair regardless who drafts them, and make things easy to use and items easy to find.PLOTTING: Whether we draw it or not, we can print your plans off for you. We have capabilities of printing up to 36" wide by 150', so we can handle your large format printing needsSCANNING: Our 36" wide scanner is capable of providing you with varying file types and sizes to meet your needs.LAMINATING: Our 27" wide Laminator will make your drawings durable and your presentations shine.LOGO DESIGN: If you are looking for a new logo, we can have our graphic designers come up with something you will be very impressed with.FREELANCE WRITING: Articles, Presentations, Fiction, Poetry - our published and educated writers can help you out.