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By: Newtech Ndt Inspection Services  09-12-2011
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Magnetic Particle weld inspection is a useful method applicable to magnetic materials only. It is based on the fact that any discontinuity present in the metal will generate a disturbance, like an interruption or distortion, in a magnetic field flux. The magnetic particles, either in a dry powder form or in a liquid suspension are applied to the weld after magnetization. The surface is then scanned visually with the aid of an ultraviolet light (black light) by the inspector to find small surface and sub surface cracks, laps, seams, pits, and voids.

Liquid Penetrant weld inspection This type of inspection is used for all non magnetic materials like aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper etc. and is most apt to detect the finest cracks. The penetrant liquid contains a suspension of fluorescent particles which are visible under ultraviolet light (black light).

We provide structural steel weld inspection services for clients in the construction, fabrication, and oil and gas industries. Our certified welding inspectors insure that work conforms to all applicable codes, standards, and specifications specifics to any project. Our services include visual inspection and non destructive testing verification. It should be understood that the welding inspections are designed to find indications which have to be interpreted. Some indications may be irrelevant, and shall be ignored by the inspector. Other indications may point to discontinuities which have to be evaluated with reference to the imposed limits for acceptance. Only then are they determined to be acceptable or rejectable.

Visual weld inspection is intended to find and mark for repair obvious visual defects such as large cracks, surface porosity, dimensional discrepancies, excess concavity or convexity, unfilled areas, undercut, misalignment, craters, and any other objectionable visual features. Indications are marked and then their importance assessed relative to drawings and/or applicable specifications.

Keywords: Destructive Testing, Inspection Services, Liquid Penetrant, Non Destructive Testing, Weld Inspection

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