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By: Newtech Ndt Inspection Services  09-12-2011
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Special Clearance Drifting (Full Length)

Special clearance drift mandrels, furnished by the customer, are passed through the full length of each tube to determine special clearances on the internal diameter. This is not an API inspection and is usually performed to assure passage of special tools or oversize bits.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)

Pipe is magnetized with a DC magnetizing coil with variable current to provide active longitudinal magnetization for detection of transverse flaws.

Wall Thickness Measurements

Ultrasonic Measurement: Ultrasonic wall thickness tests are utilized to determine the minimum and maximum wall thickness at any one area on a tube. A test consists of taking as many circumferential measurements as required to determine the minimum and maximum wall thickness in one area.

Micrometer Measurement: Micrometer measurements are utilized in measuring the wall thickness on the ends of plain end pipe.

Ultrasonic Wall Verification: Ultrasonic wall thickness test to verify that the tube body, in general, satisfies nominal wall thickness requirements.

API Thread Gauging

API eight round and buttress threads are gauged with mechanical instruments to determine compliance on taper, lead and height. At the same time, the threads are examined for visual defects.

Coupling Inspection

New casing and tubing couplings are magnetized and magnetic particle inspected for longitudinal defects and other flaws on the internal and external surface. Physical damage such as cuts or mashes are noted and reported to the customer.

Pipe mills worldwide now provide product quality assurance during the manufacturing process, which often not only meets, but exceed industry standards. Newtech NDT provides a casing and tubing inspection and survey service that focuses on inspecting tubulars for transportation and handling damage when the products are in transit or arrive at their final destination. We perform these inspections at shipping yards, pipe yards, trucking yards, or at remote drilling locations. We provide Full Length Drifting (FLD), Visual Technical Inspection (VTI), Thread Cleaning, and Visual (VT) or Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of threaded connections.

Visual Tube Body Inspection

A thorough visual inspection of possible external damage is performed; most damages encountered arise from handling of the casing, such as major dents and mashes. Other types of flags are external corrosion, laps, and straightness.

Visual Thread Inspection (API & Premium Connections)

Thread Protectors are removed and both pin and box ends are thoroughly cleaned and visually inspected for any obvious defects or mechanical damages such as dents, corrosion, galled threads, etc.

Premium threads are inspected to evaluate the condition of the seals, threads and for any mechanical damages like dents, corrosion, galled threads, etc.

API Thread Compound is applied to the threads and thread protectors are installed. The thread compound must be supplied by the customer.

API Drifting (Full Length)

Drift mandrels conforming to API Specifications are passed through the full length of each tube to assure compliance with API internal diameter specifications. If a mashed or dented area prevents drift, the location is noted on the inspection report and marked physically on the pipe.

Keywords: Api, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Particle Inspection, Thread Gauging,

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