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By: Newtech Ndt Inspection Services  09-12-2011
Keywords: Drilling, Non Destructive Testing, Destructive Testing

Level 2: Level 1 inspection plus a more thorough inspection of, but not limited to, load areas and sheaves for cracks, damage and premature wear.

Level 3: A thorough visual inspection of all load bearing members, welds and pickup points must be conducted to determine the condition of the mast. The individual supervising the Level 3 inspection must possess adequate knowledge and experience. Typical persons qualified would be an engineer, a senior operations person designated by the company or others, provided they meet the above criteria of experience and knowledge as per 3.6. The inspection personnel must document this inspection in the CAODC Log Book. Any repairs will be undertaken as described in Section 3.5 of this Recommended Practice.

Level 4: The entire mast must be inspected by a Professional Engineer or an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or his agent. This inspection should include Non Destructive Testing (NDT) of all critical load-bearing areas. All deficiencies and repairs will be corrected, as indicated in Section 3.5 of this Recommended Practice.

In association with our partner engineering companies we are able to handle your entire inspection and certification process, whether it be for a service rig, drilling rig, or flushby unit, we are able to handle the process accurately and efficiently in accordance with the recommended practices. Services include inspection planning, tear down, eco-friendly surface blasting, NDT inspection, repairs, reassembly and final certification. We provide inspection and certification of the rig mast, sub base, elevators, slips, tongs, sheaves, welded areas of high pressure lines and various other hoisting and drilling equipment.

Rig inspections are performed in accordance with CAODC recommended practice, API RP 4G, and/or client specified procedures.

CAODC (Canadian Association of Oilwell Drilling Contractors) recommended Practice for the Inspection and Certification of Masts;

Level 1: Visual observation of the mast by the rig crew prior to and/or during normal operations or during routine maintenance. This inspection should also be carried out by the operator or rig manager and be included as part of the daily rig walk around.

Keywords: Destructive Testing, Drilling, High Pressure Lines, Non Destructive Testing,

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