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By: Integra Engineering  09-12-2011

As fields age, generally the water cut increases to the point where existing facilities do not function, forcing the producer to shut-in production. With bulk water separation/injection facilities either in the field or at the plant gate, more fluid can be processed, ensuring a longer operating life.

Integra has successfully designed and constructed facilities capable of separating and injecting water using the most modern technology.

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Integra Engineering Ltd. - Electrical Engineering

Although in the Western Canadian Oilfield most power systems are generally 480 Volt 60 Hz, Integra has successfully completed electrical power systems designs for supplies of 380 Volt 50 Hz, 600 Volt 60 Hz and 4160 Volt 60 Hz. Our experienced electrical design team strives to put together well thought out, safe, reliable and economical power and control systems, and does it in a timely manner.


Integra Engineering Ltd. - Heavy Oil Engineering - heavyoil

Conventional Atmospheric Treating Facility – offer a more cost effective solution for lower design rates if higher temperatures are not required. Modular design and accurate drawings allow for a quick turnaround, which minimizes the time to bring new production online. Integra has completed numerous heavy oil pad tie-ins ranging from four to twelve well pads with above ground piping.


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With a growing concern for the environment and exploding natural gas prices, gas flaring and venting has come to the forefront for producers. Solution Gas Capture and Compression.


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These software packages assist our process engineering staff in the design of complex compressible and incompressible piping systems, to conduct thermal analysis for piping heat transfer and heat exchanger modeling, and simulate various fluid mixture properties.


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An example of a multi-phase emulsion gathering system project which entailed a 6.5 km dual pipeline system consisting of 6” and 8” internally lines flowlines, the lines were designed to run in parallel or in series with pushwater. Integra has been involved in innovative systems involving the use of pushwater to assist the flow of heavy oil up to distances of 6 to 12 kilometers.