By: Ulsu  09-12-2011
Keywords: Information Technology, Computer Assistance

The Students' Union has many services that you need to know about and most are listed in some form or another on this website.  Those that do not have their own links or sections are listed below:


This is a daytimer created especially for U of L students, complete with deadlines, important notices, a time table, address section, grade tracker, service pages, survival guide, the Zoo menu, student council bio's, and coupons. There are 5, 000 books printed each year and the best part of it is .. it's FREE. Our advertising team collects advertisements from businesses all over the city and it is through these ad placements that allow this book to pay for itself. To get a Students’ Union Handbook please stop by the room SU 180 and ask at the front desk. We sincerely hope you enjoy the benefits of this book.

E-mail stations
The Students’ Union provides approximately 12 email stations for students to use to check their mail or to browse the internet. They are located on Level 2 of the Students’ Union Building in the Food Court area. 

Computer Assistant program
The Computer Assistance Program has been developed with the purpose of helping students with minimal financial resources receive a desktop computer. Our goal is to help students enjoy their university experience by reducing their stress load, and having the resources available to assist them in reaching their academic achievements. Initiatives like the Computer Assistance Program deliver assistance when needed and we greatly appreciate the support of Information Technology for donating the computers.

Keywords: Computer Assistance, Information Technology