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By: Trevor Flexhaug  09-12-2011
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Trevor Flexhaug Personal Blog » Travel

Sadly, our annual bike trip has come to an end. Only 365-ish days left until next year!

We ended up getting a late start on Thursday - and knowing that we had 8-10 hours of riding to get to Nakusp, we weren’t sure if we were going to make it all the way in one day. We had our hammocks and other camping gear packed if this was the case. Luckily, after 665 winding Kilometers, and nearly 10 hours of riding, we were able to make it all the way to Nakusp in one day. We rolled in to town - saddle sore, with aching backs at about 10:00pm local time. Passing over several mountains and riding through a variety of unique towns and villages, the ride was fantastic and the views were amazing. We made a ton of stops along the way to give our bodies a break from all of the vibrations generated on the bikes.

Once we arrived in Nakusp we still had the daunting task of finding the cabin, which was about 8 km out of town and in a very heavily wooded area. After a bit of searching, we were able to find the cabin. As we rolled in the driveway, and shone our headlights onto an old building, I became a bit nervous.

This is what we saw as we first rode in (mind you it was pitch dark too):

I wasn’t too sure what to expect - but in my mind, I was expecting a bit more than this! BUT, once we actually went inside (the basement) we realized that we had hit the jackpot - this was so much better than camping in hammocks! The basement was furnished with 2 bedrooms and beds, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, and a quaint little living area.

The rest of the trip was spent taking short day trips and visiting local attractions. We spent an evening at the

, rode the highly touted

, visited a

, took in the

, and played multi-player Nintendo DS at the cabin.

Keywords: Annual Bike Trip, cabin, Heavily Wooded,