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By: Run Free  09-12-2011


Life is full of hurts and bumps and bruises. Every emotional hurt we experience produces an automatic reaction of anger in us, even if we are not aware of it. As a result we tend to repress our anger instead of using it to help us deal with life’s hurts. Anger is often misunderstood and when we express it in a destructive manner, we experience hurt again.

In Healing Life’s Hurts, you’ll learn how anger can work for your benefit and how to use it to overcome hurts and offenses through forgiveness.

Here are a few of the topics covered in Healing Life’s Hurts:
• understanding anger’s purpose
• how depression, anorexia, sarcasm and yelling can all come from a similar root
• how to deal with hurt by turning anger into a friend
• developing a strategy that turns anger into motivation
• distinguishing between anger and bitterness
• how to heal hurt and bitterness through forgiveness

In Healing Life’s Hurts you will sit in on a live group session facilitated by Registered Psychologist, Graham Bretherick. Follow along in the workbook provided and help heal the hurts of your life.

Graham Bretherick and the Miracle Channel have collaborated to produce this set of DVD’s and CD’s entitled “Healing Life’s Hurts”. This is a live 6 hour workshop dealing with anger issues and how to help people break free from their past hurts through the process of forgiveness. The DVD or CD series plus the workbook can also be a resource for your church library. They can also be used as a Bible study resource or for an adult Sunday School class.


Healing Life's Hurts Book $15.00 plus $5.00 shipping and handling
Healing Life's Hurts DVD Series
6 hour DVD series plus the workbook
$69.95 plus $15.00 shipping and handling

If you wish to purchase either set or the book, please remit the correct amount by cheque or money order or through Paypal and we will mail Healing Life’s Hurts within 4 weeks. Please make cheques payable to Graham Bretherick.

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