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By: Ring Container Canada  09-12-2011

recycled. recyclable. profitable.

Good for the environment and your bottom line, EcoSix™ resins are quick and easy to mold and can significantly lower energy costs. EcoSix™ is supported by unrivaled technical support and customer service. The more you know about EcoSix™, the more you’ll be convinced it’s the smart choice for your business and the environment. To learn more about our versatile line of EcoSix™ engineered resins or to schedule a trial, 


Recycled Molding Beads

As the largest recycler of EPS in the United States, we proudly present EcoSix™, our recycled content and recyclable molding bead. Leading the way with superior environmentally-friendly products, RAPAC is forging new frontiers with densifer programs assisting in recycling efforts nationwide

Polystyrene Loose-Fill

RAPAC produces various shapes of loose-fill for the leading converters around the world. These shapes include "W" and "C" and the PelaspanPac


"S" for STOROpack. These loose-fill products can be made with engineered percentages of recycled and prime materials to meet your market needs.

Engineered EPS Products

We have several patented designs for special applications for expandable polstyrene products. One of the newest products is the EZFlow™ beads, a special patented bead used as an aggregate replacement for drainage applications.

Filler Beads

RAPAC's light weight bead is ideal as a filler for a variety of products, including bean bags. The tough light-weight bead will add life to the bean bag, while reducing your cost.

Miscellaneous Gassed Products

To meet the need for a lightweight reusable product for the poultry industry, RAPAC engineers designed a tough expanded polystyrene product specifically to meet their needs. RAPAC has the capability to extrude a gassed polystyrene product to meet your demanding requirements, give us a call today!

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