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By: Reiter Computer Associates  09-12-2011

Outsourced IT - Maximizing Information Technology

Reiter Computer's Outsourced IT Service is designed for workgroups, departments, and smaller companies that need trustworthy computing, but don't have the need for their own full-time IT departments.To stay in business, managers must focus their efforts on providing value to their customers. Time spent away from customers is money lost. On the other hand, without spending some time on the business infrastructure, the ability to serve customers will be diminished.With today's complex information systems, business managers cannot spend the time they need to become technology experts. Without expertise, money spent may not be spent well, and the infrastructure will tend to react to problems instead of enabling growth.Enter Reiter Computer's Outsourced IT service. Our clients don't waste time trying to decide what to buy, how to configure the system, and how to fix problems. Our clients have a technology expert working with them to determine their needs and to provide a comprehensive solution.

Supporting Business With Technology

Reiter Computer's experts will meet with you to determine the IT needs of your business.  We focus on functionality - what the business needs to accomplish rather than what we can sell you.Understanding your business requirements, we develop a plan that will meet present needs and allow future needs to be addressed. We work with you to develop a monthly service and payment schedule, providing you the right balance of utility and expense, while normalizing your expenditures and stabilizing your cash flow.A centerpiece of our solution is providing a regular technician onsite. This system allows us to manage your network effectively.  Offering services like troubleshooting, software integration, preventative maintenance and system monitoring.  There's never any question of whose fault a problem is. No opportunity for finger-pointing. It works or we fix it. Quickly.

Your personal Reiter Computer technician attends onsite regularly and meets monthly with you to discuss your business, making sure that your information systems will continue to support your business as it changes. The end result is not only a stable and robust computing environment, but peace of mind that allows you to focus on your business.   With service packages built to suit your business, Reiter Computer provides you an affordable option to the dangerous game of spending time with your computers instead of your customers.

Why Reiter Computer?

Quite simply, because the expertise you get with Reiter Computer cannot be found elsewhere.  Reiter Computer has been heavily involved in trustworthy computing from research to operation since 1989. Reiter Computer provides real solutions that real people can understand.

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