Variable Rate Mortgages

By:  03-08-2011
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Variable Rate mortgages are currently available with rates as low as 2%.  For those who are financially savvy and like to stay on top of your finances, variable rate mortgages offer you a way to drop your monthly payments as low as possible and free up cash flow.

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We Make Housecalls

Our hours are better than your bank.  Our interest rates are better than your bank.  Our service is better than your bank.  And unlike your bank, we are not looking to charge to insane service fees, monthly charges, and miscellaneous expenses at every opportunity.  We actually want and appreciate your business.  Does your bank?


Fixed Rate Mortgage

Having fixed mortgage payment which are available via fixed rate mortgages, allows homeowners to create a monthly budget that remains consistent.  We highly recommend fixed rate mortgages for the majority of our clients, especially those on fixed incomes, first time buyers, and revenue property purchasers.


Debt Consolidation

Save money!  Stop Paying outrageous interest rates!  Let us help you rearrange your debts so that you can pay them off faster and keep more money in your own pocket!


Credit Check

Knowing your credit score is very important.  So is knowing how to improve your credit score.  We have the experience and tools to help you understand and improve your credit score and we share this with our clients.


mortgage pre-approvals

Getting a pre-approval before you go house shopping allows you to go shopping just like you have CASH!  This gives you a much stronger negotiating position when making an offer to purchase on a house.