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By: Bromwich & Smith, Trustee in Bankruptcy  18-07-2012
Keywords: Bankruptcy Trustee, Consumer Proposal, personal bankruptcy

Not all people who experience financial trouble in Lethbridge wind up filing for personal bankruptcy in order to solve their debt problems.  Some folks can end up managing their debt on their own using strict household budgeting while others seek other alternative solutions to bankruptcy in Lethbridge. In our many years of experience, we have found there are primarily two factors that affect a person's ability to weather an unexpected economic hardship like job loss or illness – their personal savings and their total personal debt. Too small savings accounts and too high credit card debts are the perfect recipe for bankruptcy in times of financial difficulty. A licensed bankruptcy trustee at Bromwich and Smith can review your finances in detail and offer you a detailed debt relief plan custom fit for your finances. If your situation doesn't merit a budget overhaul, but a more formal remedy for your debt, we will provide you with all of your available options - credit counseling, a consumer proposal or for some, personal bankruptcy. Regardless of the solution you choose, you can rest easy knowing that your trustee is well educated and well versed in all forms of debt relief.

Keywords: Bankruptcy Trustee, Consumer Proposal, debt relief, personal bankruptcy

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