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By: Bigcat  09-12-2011

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Re-Live a moment in time.. THEN SHARE IT!

Imagine, you’re walking along a park path – and suddenly you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.  Everything around you feels familiar.  Its as if you’re re-living something from your past.  Well – now imagine if you really did do something at that location once.  And the reason you remember it – is because you have a photo of the event – in an album at home.  We thought it would be an amazing idea if you could see yourself, in that moment – and truly re-live the experience.

We all know that time travel isn’t really something we’re going to experience any time soon, but we certainly can see a bit of what it might be like.

Give it a Try!  Visit our sites today, then make your own “reshotz” and share them with the world!

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With more than 25 years experience in Arts, Culture, Live Theatre, Special Events and Sound Production; BigCat Productions is Southern Alberta’s Premiere Production Management Firm. We have the resources, contacts, and expertise to bring your next event to a standard typically seen only in much larger centres. With entertainment and pop culture trends changing at a feverish pace, its hard for many industries to keep up.


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