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By: Ausbuilt Lethbridge Construction  09-12-2011

You want a home that's different and unique. You've waited years to get to this point in your life. You need to hire a homebuilder who understands what you want. We will take the time to listen and carefully plan every detail. We build only a handfull of projects each year. Were by no means the biggest nor do we strive to be. Taking our time and refining each aspect of what you want is part of the critical process. We don't build cookie cutter house's, we build homes , the way you envisioned them right from the start. Call us today and see how building with a smaller company can get you a better home.

Basements , garages , workshops, all the spaces of our homes aren't just extra rooms, they're also extentions of our lives. You may want more space to have bigger family dinners , or a heated garage where you can fix up your old hot rod. You may want to renovate a kitchen or bathroom simply to increase it's value or sell your home a little faster. We understand where your coming from and strive to meet your budget while at the same time give you the project you dreamed of.

Want the adventure of building your own home ? Not sure where to start ? Ausbuilt has worked with many Owner/Builders in the past helping them build their own homes. We can help from the very start of the process. From picking out the lot to helping you determine the right plan for your location. We can also help you plan a budget for your bank if needed. We work closely with you to help you build your dream home. We take the daunting task of home construction and break it down for you into easy to manage steps. We can aid in just consulting or work along side you in the actual construction process. You can do portions of the work where you feel comfortable and then leave the hard stuff for us to do, in turn saving money where you can be an asset.
We will happily guide you through the maze of home building.

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