Mar-Quinn Industries Ltd ~ Indirect Fired Line Heaters

By: Mar Quinn  09-12-2011
Keywords: Gas, Line Heater

Direct-fired gas heaters can provide a sufficiently clean heat source, various situations, however, require completely clean, heated air. While electric heaters can provide 100% clean air, they also often require a large power source.

Indirect Line Heaters

Mar-Quinn’s custom indirect-fired heaters provide a clean heat source with minimal power requirements. Indirect-fired heaters use a secondary heat exchanger to separate the process gas from the combustion gas. The heaters are water or glycol bath type, and can be supplied with a gas or diesel fired fire tube.
Depending on your application, Mar-Quinn can custom design indirect-line heaters ranging from 250,000 up to 4,000,000 BTUs. Mar-Quinn also has experience designing CO2 injection line heaters in the 3,750,000 BTU range.

Mar-Quinn Line Heater Options

Keywords: Gas, Line Heater

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