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By: Fullkote Pipeline Service  09-12-2011

SERVICES and BENEFITS Benefits of Fullkote Internal Coating What does this mean in dollars and cents?
Put a pencil to your own pipeline operations and you can see how increased flow efficiency will pay you dividends. When you multiply your daily transmission volume by as little as four to six percent, it's like adding a couple of weeks of extra transmission time, free of operating expense, each year. In addition to this "extra" revenue, you will be able to add the savings afforded greatly reducing line maintenance and longer, more efficient line life. Fullkote can clean and coat any diameter pipe.
In-place coating resists corrosion and paraffin build-up on pipe interiors and keeps flow of liquids or gases at a profitable level for years. This ensures you of high transmission revenue and profit. Coated pipe walls last longer and cost less to maintain. Fullkote’s process is surprisingly low in cost. Treatment of Pipelines doesn’t Cost - It Pays Beg Dividends!
Stops Paraffin and Scale Deposits.In-place treatment and coating indefinitely eliminates corrosion that chokes off valuable flow volume.
Proven Efficient in the Field - Uniform Coating of the Pipe Walls
Double pigg coating process is the only proven method of applying a uniform, unbroken coating to the interior of the pipe. Lower Pipeline Maintenance Cost:
Pipelines treated and coated in-place give years of trouble-free service. New Life for Old Lines:
Old pipelines normally scheduled for retirement can now be restored to a like-new trouble-free service. 1. Corrosion Protection
  • Resists acid, alkaline and salt attack
  • Resists hydrogen embrittlement attack
  • Eliminates oxidation
2. Efficiency Increase and Friction Reduction
Contamination, mill scale, calcification, tubercules, weld sag and product reside are removed, greatly increasing efficiency. Hard, slick surfaces of coatings not only greatly increases efficiency, but maintains it as well. Contaminates and build-ups cannot bond to in-place coatings. 3. Paraffin Retardation
It is necessary that some form of electrical ion exchange take place for a crystalline structure like paraffin to form and it is relatively easy for this ion current to be carried by steel pipe. Because in-place coatings form such a hard, slick surface with excellent insulating properties, it is very difficult for the current to be carried to form the crystalline structure, and if it should form in an amorphous state, it does not stick to the coated wall. Normal stream flow can keep the paraffin build-up down or it can be wiped out with a soft pigg. 4. Product Purity Assurance
Many chemicals have a purity requirement far in excess of the capability of steel pipe. Practical operational procedures, pressure limitations and cost considerations preclude other types of piping materials. These products in fact can even be contaminated by the pipe. Because of their superior wetting properties and mixing procedures, in-place coatings offer protection against contamination that is proven successful, economical, and can be applied to existing piping facilities. 5. The old axiom of a chain being only as strong as the weakest link applies here.
A joint of pipe forty feet long, coated in the yard, can give no more service than allowed by the welded area, where the coating has been burned back at least an inch on each side of the closure. In-place coating is applied after the pipeline is welded together. All welds are completely coated and as an additional benefit, weld slag and icicles, skids and other debris are removed during the cleaning process. Multiple thin passes of coating guarantee freedom from voids and the entrapment of solvents that limits the ability of other coating methods. There is no need to worry about coating damage while the pipe is being transported to the job site if in-place epoxy coating is your method. Other Fullkote Services:
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