Organized Crime

By: Rcmp Police Dog Service  09-12-2011

Organized crime is one of five strategic priorities established by the RCMP. It is defined by Canada's Criminal Code as crime committed by any group of at least three people that has as one of its main purposes or activities the facilitation or commission of one or more serious offences where the primary motive is profit. The organized crime network is an international problem that ignores national boundaries. This is why we are focusing on a philosophy that advocates partnerships with the public and other Canadian and foreign law enforcement organizations to carry out our investigations. We are keeping an eye on organized crime for you..

IPOC investigators hit criminal organizations by targeting the proceeds of crime and the very motivation behind any criminal activity, i.e. profit, by seizing the assets purchased by criminal elements with "dirty" money. IPOC investigators work in conjunction with other RCMP units and several outside agencies, police departments, foreign enforcement agencies, banks and professional corporations.

In partnership with local, national and international agencies, "C" Division RCMP drug investigators have the mandate to fight criminal organizations involved in drug importation and trafficking at the national and international levels.

The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) is an integrated, multidisciplinary team that is tasked with investigating major crime in partnership with local, national and international agencies in an effort to curtail the expansion and development of organized crime in Quebec.

The mission of the Aboriginal CFSEU is to maintain social cohesion within Aboriginal communities by leading an ongoing fight against criminal organizations operating on First Nations territories. Its goal is to investigate, pursue and dismantle criminal organizations whose negative impact and intimidation methods pose a direct threat to the best interests and well-being of Quebec’s Aboriginal communities.

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Although we concentrate primarily on our fight against highly criminal organizations on a national and international level, our responsibilities are nonetheless very diverse. In "C" Division, we continue our commitment to preserving the peace, upholding the law and providing quality service to the community. Our commitment is demonstrated by our desire to provide leadership in our many policing activities.