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By: Carea  09-12-2011

If you move into one of the nine rural Alberta counties serviced by CAREA to live, farm, drill, or operate a business, you become a part of a time-honored tradition: you become a member of the Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association.

 Members of CAREA are member shareholders within this cooperative structure. As a shareholder you have voting privileges, access to local members of the Board of Directors, benefit from accountable reporting at the Annual General Meeting, installed on-site equipment becomes an REA asset, and you gain from the savings that accrue under a cooperative that does not generate profit for stockholders, rather generates savings for its member shareholders.

CAREA operates two area offices (Innisfail and Onoway) with a main administration office in Innisfail.

With on-site inventory at both area offices and dedicated area staff, working with CAREA is cost efficient and time effective. CAREA has an earned reputation for its ability to mobilize resources to complete construction and installations within indentified time frames.

As a member, you could be eligible for start up investment assistance via the CAREA Investment Loan Program. Additionally, your distribution agreements with CAREA are based on your usage.

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Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association Ltd - commercial

CAREA can facilitate the permitting and approval processes, assess the actual needs, review the anticipated load profile, and produce engineering plans to support those energy needs and ensure compatibility with the CAREA distribution system.


Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association Ltd - development information

CAREA is a full-service entity that provides consulting services to assess your requirements, engineering services to work to fulfill those requirements, cost analysis and estimates, and an Investment Loan Program to assist those requiring some initial mitigation of start-up expenses.


Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association Ltd - rate schedules

Demand services are billed at 50 per cent of minimum monthly demand, rounded to the nearest actual transformer size. CAREA's Co-operative Energy Rate, for the past 12 months as well as currently, has been 7.95 cents per kWh. Demand services are billed at a minimum of 65 per cent of transformer capacity or 25 kVA. The monthly billing charge is based on the transformer size. Operating and monthly rates â?.


Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association Ltd - real estate development

For an individual acreage owner looking to enjoy the country life, or a landowner hoping to subdivide a parcel of land off to create a small acreage, please call CAREA before any subdivision or purchasing decisions are made so we can discuss your power needs with you. Under CAREA's membership criteria, the land must have agricultural activity or be over 10 acres with a residence in order to qualify for service.


Central Alberta Rural Electrification Association Ltd - rural

The extensive expertise acquired through years of servicing various types of farms make CAREA a logical partner whether you are in start-up mode or looking to enhance to your current operations. Whether it is a new service install or an extension of your original arrangement, your direct electricity costs are not camouflaged by complex binding agreements with penalty clauses.