Torrac - Shale Tank

By: Torrac  09-12-2011

This tank is used to catch or store cuttings, as well it can be used to catch cuttings prior to sliding the dryer tank into place, where once again, cuttings may be collected.

  • Tanks come with slide in gates which also allows them to be used for cuttings storage
  • Tanks come with ramps which allows for quick and easy set up
  • Ramps also allow for ditch extensions to contain washovers
  • Pre-fit tank ladders are provided for safe and speedy access
  • Tanks come with sloped walls to prevent centrifuge slide interference and damage

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Torrac - Products

Our dryer has solids stripping capabilities which makes for savings on solids cleanup and fluid integrity. Less trucking for entire invert system as we have a planned load strategy. Fluid cost savings (up to 5m³ of invert a day when drilling out). Complete invert package with on site service for all equipment. No genset required on location (savings on trucking. Our dryer has a proven retention rate of up to 4%.


Torrac - Trackhoe and Opertor

These units have all the capacity of a loader and the reach of a small picker. Excellent for lease repairs as it comes with a D-4 track and blade system. A trackhoe and operator are available for on site application. These units come with our own specially designed pipe grapple. Also comes with a ditch bucket, ground ripper and mix bucket.