Satellite Tracking

By: Reilly Transfer  09-12-2011

Reilly Transfer uses the latest state of the art satellite tracking and monitoring. Each and every truck in the fleet is equipped with the latest version of satellite tracking technology. This allows the fleet to stay in contact with their base and with each other, with no concerns of weather or not there is cellular service. This allows our dispatcher to monitor the movement of the fleet, and utilize the fleet to eh maximum potential, translating into lower costs for our customers.

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Light Haul & Hotshot

Each unit is equipped with a cell phone and 2 way radio with every bush road radio frequency, first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Nomex coveralls with complete reflective stripping, hard hats, safety glasses and steel toed boots are mandatory for each vehicle. Our experienced drivers have extensive knowledge of most, if not all retail outlets in Grande Prairie and Clairmont. Reilly Transfer runs daily to gas plants and mills.