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Who is watching your back?

"Favorable outcome and you look like a Professional to your Boss!"

We know your schedule is hectic, so many requests coming from your boss and even people who are not your bosses are pushing you to hurry up with the Hotel arrangements, that's no fair.  You only want to take care of everyone and make sure everything works right! That's where we come in; we become your partner, and the one you call. And your worries are over, in a short time we will have options from many hotels and you can choose the best deal.  A deal with incentives, low room rates, best options for food, VIP treatments, free rooms and many more.

We negotiate with hotels and we become your partner.

What we do:

  • Send out RFP to hotels
  • Negotiate Discount Room Rates
  • Negotiate VIP Gifts and Rewards
  • Educate Hotels Staff of Cultural Differences
  • Develop a Relationship with the Leader of your event with Hotel Staff
  • Save you money up to 10%, 20%, 30%,
  • In cash that is approximately $5000.00 - $15, 500.00 per year in Savings!
  • Deal with Hotel Negotiators and Contracts
  • Provide Safety Clauses that save you the headache of overpaying

What you do:

  • Tell us what you need
    • What are the dates?
    • How many people will be attending?
    • What kind of food would like to eat?
    • What is the length of your to Stay?

And we will look after the rest, all you do is sit back and because you're the boss. You tell us if you are satisfied and we will do all the work.

Guaranteed to Save you Money !

With all our Clients we have negotiating power to get the best price, saving money. The Hotel is happy for your business. It is a Win-Win for everybody

"Event Planners for You, to Boss Around"

"If you like, we will organize the entire event for you!

Or maybe you just need a little help!"

Firstly, we don't usually plan other organizations' events. But, if someone needs help, we'd love to help!

Our Mission:

  • Planning, Organizing and Implementing Quality Events - Educating, Empowering and Supporting the Growth of Native Communities in Canada

We will share all of our experience and resources to support your event.  All you do is direct our team to fulfill your outcome and of course, you're the boss!

From the beginning, our team will set up your event, finding superior speakers, an acclaimed hotel, a magnificent theme, beautiful colors anything your event needs to make it the best event you've ever had.  You will be in the spotlight, as the leader of the event with a professional team as your partner.

There are many skills involved when organizing an event and you don't have to worry about the details because, that's where we come in. It is not necessary to share them here now; but the opportunity to create an effective partnership will pay dividends in applause, pleased delegates and a spectacular event!

Tony Alexis

President - CEO, Native Networks Inc


We don't bid on events or lobby for work, because we have our own events to host . But if you like, we will work on your event,  like it's ours!

"Speakers for your Event?"

"Tell us what you need, we will find you the Best!"

Contact us by email and we will set up an appointment for you and our team. You can start creating your Online Identity, Powerful Presentations and Unforgettable Video Documentary.

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Keywords: Hotel