Replacement Power Tool Battery for DEWALT DW9095

By: HOT and Discount batteries on  12-05-2010
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Product Information:
Product Code:     TDW024
Type:     Ni-MH
Volt:     18V
Capacity:     3000mAh
Color:     Black
Length:     136.80x85.43x113.00mm
Weight:     1160g

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This Power Tool Battery can replace the following part numbers:

    * DEWALT
      DC9096     DE9039     DE9095     DE9096
      DW9095     DW9096            

  This Power Tool Battery is also compatible with the following models:

    * DEWALT
      DC212     DC212KA     DC212KB
      DC212N     DC213KB     DC330
      DC330K     DC330KA     DC330KB
      DC330N     DC380KA     DC380KB
      DC380N     DC385     DC385K
      DC390     DC390K     DC390KA
      DC390KB     DC390N     DC410
      DC410KA     DC410KB     DC410N
      DC490KA     DC515K     DC520KA
      DC527 (Flash Light)     DC530KA     DC550
      DC550KA     DC616K     DC618
      DC618K     DC618KA     DC668KA
      DC729KA     DC759     DC759KA
      DC759KB     DC920KA     DC925
      DC925KA     DC925KB     DC925VA
      DC926KA     DC926VA     DC987
      DC987KA     DC987KB     DC988
      DC988KA     DC988KB     DC988VA
      DC989KA     DC989VA     DC998KB
      DW056     DW056K     DW056K-2
      DW056N     DW057K     DW057K-2
      DW057N     DW059     DW059K-2
      DW908 (Flash Light)     DW919 (Flash Light)     DW932
      DW933     DW933K     DW934
      DW934K-2     DW934K2     DW934K2H
      DW936     DW936K     DW938
      DW938K     DW959K-2     DW960
      DW960K     DW960K-2     DW987
      DW987KQ     DW988     DW988KQ
      DW989     DW995     DW997
      DW997K-2     DW999     DW999K
      DW999K-2     DW999K2     DW999K2H

Keywords: Battery Pack

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