Battery Charger suitable for HITACHI VM-BPL13

By: HOT and Discount batteries on  12-05-2010
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Battery Charger suitable for HITACHI VM-BPL13
Product Information:
Product Code:     CSN002SU
Length:     106.50x69.00x37.00mm
Weight:     335g

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This Battery Charger can replace the following part numbers:

      VM-BP27A     VM-BPL13     VM-BPL13A     VM-BPL13J
      VM-BPL27     VM-BPL27A     VM-BPL30     VM-BPL60
    * JVC
      BN-V607     BN-V607U     BN-V615     BN-V615U
      BN-V615X     BN-V812     BN-V812U     BN-V814
      AG-BP15P     CGR-B/202A1B     CGR-B/202E1B     CGR-B202A
      PV-DBP5     VW-B202     VW-VBD1     VW-VBD1E
    * RCA
    * SONY
      NP-F330     NP-F530     NP-F550     NP-F570
      NP-F730     NP-F730H     NP-F750     NP-F770
      NP-F930     NP-F950     NP-F950/B     NP-F960
      NP-F970     NP-FM30     NP-FM50     NP-FM500H
      NP-FM51     NP-FM55H     NP-FM70     NP-FM71
      NP-FM90     NP-FM91     NP-QM50     NP-QM51
      NP-QM70     NP-QM71     NP-QM71D     NP-QM90
      NP-QM91     NP-QM91D

Keywords: battery charger

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