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By: Wickens Dry Ice Blasting  09-12-2011
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Reduce moisture problems on your dry ice blasting projects and extend the life of your investment in dry ice blasting equipment by using the Wickens APU250.

Compressed Air Principles
Portable diesel compressors take ambient air and compress it for industrial use. The air is pre-filtered, then compressed, put through an air oil separator to remove any suspended oil particles and delivered to the outlet. Jack hammers and the like do not require any more air preparation than that, but dry ice blasting equipment contains small orifices, seals and gaskets that if exposed to the air as it is delivered from the compressor, will rapidly deteriorate and require repair.

The air from a compressor is HOT. Diesel compressor outlet air will have a temperature in excess of 100ºF. On a hot day, the outlet temperature can reach 180ºF. These temperatures will rapidly destroy standard air hoses and diaphragms in the equipment.

The air is WET. As the compressor gathers air from the atmosphere, it is also pulling in all the humidity with it. All the water is compressed as well. The combination of high humidity and high temperature results in hot air that is super saturated with moisture . The air is full of oil from the compressor. The air - oil separator in the compressor is only designed to conserve oil for the compressor to give them some lubrication.

What the Wickens APU250 Accomplishes
The hot, wet, oily air from the compressor is first passed through an air to air heat exchanger which cools the air back down to just above ambient. Because the system was designed to be inexpensive and portable, it uses ambient air to cool the compressed air.

The cooled air is then passed through an air separator/filter canister. This unit causes the air to swirl around the outside of the bowl. Water and oil are centrifugally separated from the air and flow down the outside of the bowl to collect in the bottom. An auto drain periodically purges the fluid. Integral to the system is a sintered bronze filter that removes particles greater than 40 microns.

Features of the Wickens Air Preparation Unit:

  • Transport cart for portability is standard
  • Protective cover is standard
  • Completely pneumatic, no electricity required
  • Regulated fan motor
  • Contains separator with auto drain
  • Vertical mounted for optimal use of air flow.
  • Capable of supporting two dry ice blasters.

Keywords: Compressor, Dry Ice, dry ice blasting, Ice Blasting

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For customers who purchase or rent equipment from us, Wickens Dry Ice Blasting provides on- site training of personnel with an emphasis on safe and productive operation of the equipment. Training Video - provides detailed instructions for installation and operation of your unit, blasting tips, and simple step-by-step maintenance procedures.