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By: Jacobs Catalytic Ltd Suncor  09-12-2011
Keywords: Gas, Gas Treating, Sulfur Recovery

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Date of Publication: February 2009

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The 2011 Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions Sulfur Recovery Seminar held in Beijing (22-23 June, 2011) was a major success. It was the 4th seminar organized in China together with our partner Hofung Sulphur Technology.

The seminar attracted a broad mix of sulfur experts and sulfur practitioners coming from design institutes and end-users from refineries, gas production facilities and the coal gasification industry. In total, the seminar attracted over 45 attendees and included several technical papers related to gas treating, sulfur recovery and associated equipment and materials. Technical papers were presented by Jacobs- Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions, Hofung Sulphur Technology, Axens, Duiker, MECS and Yulin Energy and Chemical Co., with representatives of each elaborating on their specific application in the sulfur recovery processes.

The seminar focused on gas treating and sulfur recovery for coal gasification projects and the participants to the seminar were invited by Hofung Sulphur Technology. Each presentation ended with intensive discussions during the question and answer sessions. On Wednesday afternoon the 22nd of June, all speakers and Chinese participants joined in a "relaxing" trip to the Great Wall.


The most positive result of the seminars was the appreciation of the detailed explanation of the well accepted SUPERCLAUS®/EUROCLAUS® concepts, the various possibilities of how to treat the sour gases in gas sweetening and enrichment units in the various coal gasification projects. Furthermore, participants recognized the need and possibilities to (further) reduce the sulfur emission to a minimum level.

Hofung Sulphur Technology and Jacobs- Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions, are confident that a number of direct business opportunities will arise from the seminar, which will further increase the application of our technology in the Chinese market.

For more than 40 years, Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions has been a major player in the field of gas treating and sulfur recovery. Today the worldwide market share of our sulfur recovery technologies has increased to approximately 45%, of which China is one of the major growth areas. In China we are actively cooperating with the industry since 1993 together with our partner Hofung Sulphur Technology. Since the start of our cooperation more than 30 projects in China have been completed. Since 2005, 15 units were sold. With this achievement, we have set the first important steps to get a better understanding of each others requirements, working methods and cultural differences.

Hofung Technology and Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions Signs Contract with Shaanxi Future Energy and Chemical Company for Claus and LT-SCOT Sulfur Recovery Technology

On August 3 of 2011 Hofung Technology and Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions signed a contract to provide licensed technology and equipment to Shaanxi Future Energy and Chemical Company, jointly established by the Yankuang Group, Yanzhou Coal and Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group, for a 117 T/D Sulfur Recovery Unit and a Low Temperature SCOT unit for their Coal Clean Utilization and Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Project to be built in Yulin city, Shaanxi Province.

The LT-SCOT sulfur recovery technology provided by Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions and Hofung Technology, with low turn down ratio and high reliability, will be able to fully meet the ever more stringent national emission requirements applied to China’s coal chemical plants.
Compared to traditional SCOT processes, the LT-SCOT process offers lower equipment investment and operating costs as well as lower energy consumption, while the total sulfur emission can be as low as 50ppmv.

This LT- SCOT unit is the third of its sort applied in China’s coal chemical industry, after the Weihe Jieneng and the Zhuozheng’s methanol plant project. Due to advanced process and technology, great reputation, rich project experience, low capital investment and operational cost, Hofung Technology and Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions beat all local and international competition, and won this contract.

Hofung Technology and Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions Signs Contract with Datong Coal Mine Group for EUROCLAUS® Sulfur Recovery Technology.

On July 18, 2011, Hofung Technology and Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions signed a contract with Datong Coal Mine Group Co., Ltd. to supply EUROCLAUS® Sulfur Recovery Technology, critical equipment and catalysts for a 15t/d EUROCLAUS® sulfur recovery unit (SRU) for their 600KTPA Methanol Project.

The 600KTPA Methanol plant will be built in the suburbs of Datong City, Shanxi Province. The SRU will treat acid feed gas entering the battery limit and producing liquid sulfur and emitting purified tail gas to the atmosphere and product (liquid) obtained.

The Datong Coal Mine Group is a large state-owned coal enterprise, employing 200,000 with its headquarters in Datong city. Hofung Technology and Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions won this contract against local and international competition, due to the advanced process and technology, and the excellent reputation and rich project experience of the companies.

On March 30, 2011 Hofung Technology and Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions signed a contract with AnYang YingDe Gases Co., Ltd. to supply EUROCLAUS® sulfur recovery technology and critical equipment and catalysts for a 14 T/D Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) for their 150,000Nm³/h synthetic gas project installed in Hua County, Anyang city, Henan Province, estimated to start-up in December of 2011. This synthetic gas project is the first syn-gas project YingDe Gases Group has invested in on the China mainland. The SRU contract will be a good start for the future cooperation between two companies.

The Sulfur Recovery Unit for AnYang YingDe Gases Project starts from acid feed gas entering the battery limit and ending at purified tail gas emission to atmosphere and sulfur product (liquid) obtained.

On Feb. 17-19, 2011, the 16th Annual Refinery Technology Meet (RTM) organized by Centre of High Technology (CHT) took place in Kolkata, India. Various papers and posters were presented covering wide ranging topics refinery process technology, energy optimization and emission management.

Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions was represented by Frank Scheel and VK Ramachandran. During the conference Jacobs presented a paper called .

Jacobs received positive feedback on this new solution for sulfur recovery where the Jacobs SUPERCLAUS® process is being combined with the MECS DynaWave® scrubber. Very high sulfur recoveries can be obtained -- as low as 10 ppm SO2 emission from to stack -- at relatively low cost compared to other deep removal technologies. Jacobs and MECS are confident the combination of these two existing processes will be a big success due to the economical and plot requirement benefits.

On February 20-23, 2011, the 61st Annual Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference took place at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA. It attracted a record number of attendees and addressed the field of gas conditioning from natural gas drying to tail gas scrubbers. Amine treating of acid gas remains an important field where improvements are still being made. The conference offered a unique opportunity for exchanging operator experiences because of the industry wide attendance and the open atmosphere.

Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions was represented by Sander Kobussen.

Jacobs CSS attended the SOGAT conference in Abu Dhabi March 29-30, 2011. Papers and posters were presented, including general gas sweetening knowledge and case studies and improvement projects on multiple locations. Furthermore, a lot of time was available for questions, which was highly appreciated because of the open structure of these discussions. Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions was represented by Frank Scheel and Jenny de Wolf.

Also in previous years we attended the conference and in 2010 Jacobs presented a paper in which the combination of the SUPERCLAUS® and the MECS DynaWave® process was highlighted. In 2009 Jacobs presented the ABC+ upgraded Sulfur Recovery Unit Control system which makes the operation of the main burner very stable even in upset conditions.

The annual Brimstone Sulfur Symposium 2011 took place on September, 12-16, 2011 in Vail, Colorado, USA. Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions was represented by Dennis Koscielnuk from our Calgary office and Rien van Grinsven from our Leiden Office. Denis is member of the Brimstone Symposium Advisory Committee.

The symposium deals with Amine Treating and Sulfur Recovery. This year’s topic was ammonia destruction with the fundamentals, presented by Peter Clark. The operational aspects of combusting ammonia containing gases were presented by Jim Jenkins of Shell USA. Also the origin of ammonia in the SRU feed gases was highlighted. Much time was reserved for Q&A sessions, where the operating companies were exchanging lots of valuable information. Overall this is the best conference on Sulfur Recovery. In 2010, Anne van Warners from our Leiden office was present.

In 2009 on behalf of Jacobs CSS, Dennis Koscielnuk presented a paper, together with Steven Meyer (of MECS) on the , which is seen as a very attractive and price competitive alternative for a conventional amine based tail gas treatment unit.

Jacobs Comprimo® Sulfur Solutions was represented in 2009 by Sander Kobussen.

Keywords: Gas, Gas Treating, Sulfur Recovery

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