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Keywords: Engineering, Renewable Energy, investment opportunities


A lot of people might think, building a Bio-Energy facility is only a question of proper engineering and construction. European experience has proven that successful projects are made in the early business development and design stages. We offer a wide range of services related to the design, engineering, construction, management and operation of  Bio-Energy Facilities. 



We are doing things a little bit different than other Bio-Energy initiatives do. Special characteristics have been developed to improve the economic viability of our Bio-Energy facilities.

We offer long-term expertise in renewable energy markets.

We will design our Bio-Energy facilities for a variety of organic environmental resources (multi-feedstock) to be used for the production of green energy. Our special recipe will make the difference.


We offer proven technology and effective modular plant design.

  Operation &  Management

Investment  Opportunities

We know the level of commitment that it takes to remain succesful in an ever changing environment. Keep your farm running and we have the knowledge to integrate your operation into our Bio-Energy facility.

We offer proven technology and effective modular plant design.

  We are committed, too. We will be co-investors ourselves in all our Bio-Energy facilities to show the level of confidence we have in our process. Take the opportunity and share the excitement of investing in new emerging markets with us.

We offer investment opportunities in emerging markets of Bio-Energy.

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Keywords: Engineering, investment opportunities, Renewable Energy

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