Norwex Antibac Hair Turban

Norwex Antibac Hair Turban from Quality Shopping Online

By: Quality Shopping Online  05-06-2010
Keywords: Silver, Microfiber, Antibacterial

Norwex Antibac Microfiber Hair Turban is a highly absorbent hooded towel designed to be wrapped around wet hair

Kept on for about 10 minutes, this towel absorbs about 70% of the water, resulting in less time to blow dry your hair.

Use for

  • Drying hair
  • Highly absorbent hooded towel to wrap around the head to dry hair
  • It absorbs 70% of moisture in about 10 minutes, reducing blow drying
  • Time saver
  • Fewer tangles in hair
  • Comfortably holds rollers at night
  • Great for people with long or thick hair
  • Less blow drying means healthier hair


Warranty: 2 Years

Size: One Size Fits Most

Color: Taupe

Keywords: Antibacterial, Microfiber, Microfiber Cloth, Norwex, Silver