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By: Sun And Straw  09-12-2011
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  • We are currently (Sept 2006) taking orders and info/pricing requests for shipping for the construction season starting March 2007

The APEX Advanced Building System

About APEX Packages

APEX house or building packages are available in many variations and sizes with the use of our 6 standard roof sizes. These 6 roof diameters are as follows: 27' 33' 36' 42' 48' 54' . These 6 different roof choices are conical, sloping at 30 Deg. This results in a super-insulated vaulted ceiling which creates extra volume for a second floor or loft.

The circular base of the roof rests on a circular beam which sits well on an octagonal, hexagonal or round wall design. You can see some examples here. We typically do not recommend basements unless conditions are ideal. This saves construction costs.

An APEX structure can be several stories high with many variations. These variations include, for example, combining two structures with a utility connector or adding on a rectangular entryway/mudroom as shown in some of our plans. If you are looking for low cost affordable housing, the best approach is simple and small. The most cost-effective package we create is the AR-36- Bohemian, which is a simple circular plan with a 36' roof. It's construction is less labour intensive then an octagon or a rectangle. As a result, it's assembly is rapid. As well, it's heating/cooling and ventilation system is simple and cost effective. It can come with it's own solar electric power system appliances and fixtures. You then have the option of a house in the city, or the country, which is utility bill free.

Apex Roof Sales Only:

If you have a structure which is compatible with our roof system, you can purchase it, along with the base perimeter beam, for your own octagonal or circular house. Apex roofs are available in six different sizes; 27ft., 33ft., 36ft., 42ft., 48ft., 54ft. These roofs typically create a three foot eave overhang.

History of APEX Advanced Building System

Apex advanced housing is a building package developed by Living Design Systems. It is an affordable modular building system using a post and beam structure and a factory-made modular conical roof system. Partly because of the conical roof, the offered shapes of APEX house packages are octagonal, circular, or hexagonal. The first prototype was built in 1999. Research and development of this building method then continued until 2005. There are now APEX houses in BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan Canada. House packages in various sizes and configuration are now available.

We had four main criteria in mind when developing the APEX building system: Affordability, Flexibility, Low Environmental Impact and Healthy to live in.

Affordability is achieved through several means:

  • The modular components of the house package, such as the roof, result in faster erection time and less labour costs
  • Savings are achieved through the local use of straw bales as wall insulation. Cellulose insulation, a recycled product, is an alternate wall insulation choice
  • Construction requires less concrete than conventional houses through use of a slab-on-grade approach and no basement
  • The foundation can also use a concrete-free option
  • Heating system costs are minimal due to super insulated house Envelope and heat contributed by the sun (passive solar house design). This also results in huge saving in heating costs, as low as 20% of a conventional structure.
  • Lower cost for engineered blueprints as compared to a custom design for anywhere in Canada
  • Durable finishes require minimal maintenance through the life of the structure


  • There are many design and shape variations available within the 6 APEX roof sizes offered
  • The client designs interior partitions/floor plan. Wall partitions can be changed at a later date
  • Designed to accommodate the "grow home" concept, rectangular additions are easily added on at a later date as needed
  • Suitable for any climate. Originally designed for Canada's cold climate, is well suited for hot climates or wet regions. Shape of structure is ideal for hurricane areas
  • Client can choose to erect building package themselves, or they can hire LDSy builders to construct the modular package
  • The exterior finishing options give the possibility of a range of styles, from Victorian to conventional, from adobe style to post-modern

Low Environmental impact

  • Very low heating, electricity, and utility costs due to super insulation levels, use of compact florescent lighting and other "advanced design" appliance choices
  • Comfortable, always warm in winter, has a "built-in thermal mass which stores heat and effectively becomes a summer air conditioner
  • Reduced amount of materials, less manufactured items and less waste created during construction. A lower embodied energy level per square foot of living space
  • Micropower version can produce all heating and electrical requirements without connection to the "energy-grid". This is achieved through the use of solar electric panels and/or wind turbines with a battery storage system. Passive solar, solar hot water system, or EPA rated wood heaters supplies all necessary heat and hot water
  • Appliances can also be added to eliminate sewer problem and reduce water consumption significantly. This is achieved through the use of a sanitary composting toilet and/or rain water harvesting

Healthy to Live In

  • Healthy interior and superior indoor air quality through the use of appropriate interior furnishings and a heat recovery ventilator
  • Daylight methods are used in design, large windows on the sunny sides of the house; light pipes used though the roof make for a bright and cheery interior. Added large light-pipes can create a significant "food production" grow-space in the upper level.
  • Barrier-free design layout options available
  • Can be built with reduced use of metal throughout house construction along with DC wiring to create an Electromagnetic pollution-free house.

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You then have the option of a house in the city or the country which is utility bill free. If you are looking for low cost affordable housing the best approach is simple and small. It can come with its own solar electric power system appliances and fixtures. An APEX structure can be several stories high with many variations.


Apex Advanced House - circlelayout html

The walls here are 14" thick which is a standard straw wall thickness in Canada. If the walls are built of other materials they would be 8" or 10" thick. Circular floorplans are the most material efficient choice. The dotted line in the diagrams represents the roof line. They can be one to four stories high.



You then have the option of a house in the city or the country which is utility bill free. If you are looking for low cost affordable housing the best approach is simple and small. It can come with its own solar electric power system appliances and fixtures. Roof Diameter = 36 ft. House Diameter = 30 ft.