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By: Yes Plan Financial  28-04-2016
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What is Factoring? Factoring with Yes Plan Financial in Edmonton Alberta can quickly turn accounts receivable into cash. Factoring is the fastest way to convert receivables, invoices or purchase orders into cash for short-term cash flow assistance. Factoring is the simple process of converting your business accounts or receivables into cash. Instead of a time consuming loan, consider the discounted sale of an asset receivables with Yes Plan factoring. Factoring gives business owners the opportunity to be more productive and better manage their companies and cash flow. Factoring is not a loan, but immediate cash in exchange for accounts receivables, invoices, purchase orders, interim bridge financing and progress payments at a discount or rate factor. Basically Yes Plan pays you X percentage of the face value of your receivable. The percentage is determined by the type,and age of the receivable. Yes Plan Financial Factoring is FAST When you need immediate cash, the fastest way to go is factoring. Yes Plan Financial factoring can help almost every industry with their cash flow needs by: •Converting Your Receivables into Cash •Creating Reliable Cash Flow •Meeing your Growing Cash Flow Needs •Turning your invoices into cash Factoring provides short-term cash flow assistance for small businesses by purchasing invoices or accounts receivable FOR WORK COMPLETED & OR FOR PROGRESS PAYMENTS at a discount. We work with small expanding companies who find it difficult to attract conventional funding. Our lenders have over 40 years’ experience in factoring. Yes Plan Financial factoring is modeled on a “buy-sell transaction”. When approached by a prospective client, our lender partner undertakes a due diligence program that typically takes about 24-48 hours. Once completed, the client is at liberty to offer invoices to Yes Plan Financial's lender partner for purchase. Upon receipt of such invoices, Yes Plan Financial will check the credit of the debtor named on the invoices, and also that the job represented by the invoice has been satisfactorily completed. Once this is done, the debtor is advised of the purchase by Yes Plan Financial and the client is paid for the invoice based on a discount factor. At the end of the credit period the debtor pays the Yes Plan Financial lender partner directly, thus completing the transaction. Yes Plan Financial Factoring is FLEXIBLE Our service is user friendly, fast, flexible and cost effective. If the client chooses to offer further invoices to Yes Plan Financial, the total transaction time is often reduced to just 3-5 hours. While Yes Plan Financial's lender partner is a multinational organization with more than 150 offices in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the Republic of Ireland, the UK, and Mexico, we still offer local factoring. With Yes Plan Financial, you are building a working relationship with factoring professionals who understand the local economy and get to know you, your business and your unique financing requirements and situation. Factoring you can count on: FAST Turn Around We work to accommodate your time frame FRIENDLY Service Minimal paperwork with NO long-term contracts or commitments FLEXIBLE Approval Factoring is based on the quality of work you provide, NOT your credit rating CASH when you need it Use our factoring services once or use us often, it’s up to you AFFORDABLE factor rates The cost is reasonable and based on the number of days the invoice is outstanding Factoring can solve your immediate cash flow problems Yes Plan Financial's Construction Invoice Financing Program is based on financing current outstanding invoices that will be paid between 10 to 60 days. Enjoy the benefits of factoring: •Immediate Cash Flow •Bid on and win more contracts •Meet weekly or bi-monthly payrolls •Keep suppliers current Need cash now? Give us a call or use our simple application for factoring

Keywords: business financing, Business Loans, Factoring, intern financing

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