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By: Word Memory Test  09-12-2011
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Dr. Green's Word Memory Test (WMT) and his more recent, 5-minute verbal and nonverbal Medical Symptom Validity Test (MSVT) are computerized memory tests with multiple subtests measuring memory. They contain hidden measures, which serve to check the validity of the patient's test results.
Medical Symptom Validity Test
() for Microsoft WindowsThe MSVT consists of a 100-page test manual and a CD with MSVT Windows program for patient testing, scoring and reporting of results. More than just a short form of the WMT, the MSVT is extremely cost effective and fast as a verbal memory screen with built-in effort measures.

Nonverbal Medical Symptom Validity Test
() for Microsoft Windows

The NV-MSVT has no words on screen. It only has artist drawn images. It takes 5 minutes and has actual memory measures as well as validity/effort checks. It is now published with a 114-page test manual containing much supportive research. The NV-MSVT is automated and it is both quicker to administer and more sensitive to poor effort compared with the TOMM. 

The NV-MSVT is highly specific in dementia. See this independent replication:-

for Microsoft WindowsJudgment of emotion in another person's tone of voice is a fundamental human ability that is essential to communication.

It is affected adversely by severe TBI and various neurological diseases.

for Microsoft Windows

The MCI lets you compare the person's self-rated memory complaints with those from comparison groups, both by diagnostic group and also by WMT effort level.  For a limited time only, the MCI will be free to purchasers of the WMT, MSVT or NV-MSVT.

Also available are the Road Sign Perception Test  (RSPT) and the Story Recall Test (SRT). See bar at top left of this page.

Note on copyright: As the inventor, first author and main researcher of the WMT, MSVT, NV-MSVT & MCI, Dr. Green is the legally registered owner of copyright of the WMT, MSVT, NV-MSVT & MCI internationally. Legitimate copies of the CDs and test manuals and the licenses to use the WMT, MSVT, NV-MSVT or MCI in any format are sold only by Green's Publishing.

Keywords: Memory Test