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By: Wholesum Nutrition Consulting  09-12-2011
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Are you looking for a Registered Dietitian to speak to you and your group about healthy eating? Do you want to learn about nutrition in a fun, dynamic way? Contact us to provide an interactive and engaging presentation to your group on various nutrition topics for a healthier lifestyle. Choose from the list of our presentations or contact us if you have an idea for another topic. We can customize a presentation to suit your needs!

Healthy Meals for People on the Go

Is your life fast and furious? Looking for some quick dinner solutions for you and your family? Come and learn how to be prepared for fast meal choices that will keep you healthy and energized!

Smart Start to Healthy Eating

Do nutrition labels confuse you? Do you often wonder how all of the information applies to you? Come and learn to navigate your way through the world of nutrition labels in this informative seminar.

Food for Your Bones

Do you eat a diet containing enough calcium to meet your body’s requirements? Are you at risk for Osteoporosis? Come and learn how to keep your bones healthy, after all you need their support!

Quenching Your Thirst or Calorie Burst?

There are so many new choices for beverages in the marketplace. How do you know which are good choices and which provide you with too many unwanted calories? Come and learn the real skinny on some of the most popular thirst quenching beverages.

Avoid the Bulge, Don’t Overindulge!

Holidays are a time of family and friends, but do you find yourself dreading the bountiful food and drink? Are you worried if you overindulge it may add to the bulge? Come and learn some ways to avoid the pitfalls of holiday eating.

Routes to Fruit

Have you ever wondered how you could eat up to 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day? Have you ever gone to the grocery store and wondered how to cook an eggplant or okra? Ever wonder what a pommelo or dragonfruit tastes like? Come and join us in this fun session! We will talk about different fruits and vegetables, their nutritional value and let you taste some new, exotic fruits and vegetables. Learn some new ways to eat and cook these different fruits and vegetables!

Routes to Fruit – Cancer “Phyters”

Everyone knows there are many health benefits to eating fruits and vegetables. Phytonutrients in fruits and vegetables have been linked to decreasing the risk of certain cancers. How much fruits and vegetables should you eat? Which ones? What cancers are they linked to? Come and join us in this session to find the answers to these questions. Learn some tips on how to include these fruits and vegetables in your diet!

Portion Distortion

Are you eating more than you think you’re eating? Portions today are far bigger than in the past, which often means we’re taking in far more calories than we realize! Larger plates, cup holders, muffin tins and pizza pans are becoming the norm. Come and learn how to identify proper serving sizes as well as tips to “downsize” your portions.

Incredible, Edible FIBRE!

Diets higher in dietary fibre are linked with many health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease and colon cancer. Come and learn about the different types of fibre and what foods you get fibre from. Learn how much fibre we need and why we need it in our diet. Learn how to include more fibre in your diet!

Dissecting Different Diets

Does it seem like there is always a new diet out there? Come and learn about some of the many diets being offered and what their claims are. We’ll take a critical look at some of them and examine their pros and cons. Arm yourself with this wealth of knowledge for successful weight loss!

Dining Around the World – The Healthy Way

Let’s face it – eating out is a part of our lifestyle. But how can we include dining out as part of our healthy eating plan? Come and learn about different cuisines such as Japanese, South Asian and Chinese, and find out which foods are the healthier choice by sampling some of these international flavours!

Are You What You Eat? – Eating Healthy to Be Healthy

Do you constantly hear that we are getting heavier and heavier? What is a healthy weight and where do you fit in? Find out how what you eat can make a difference to the bottom line. Learn some tips to achieving a healthy weight!

Be Healthy by Eating Healthy

How do you eat to be healthy? Are you confused with all the different things you hear about different kinds of food and why they’re good for you? We’ll start by getting back to the basics then move on to developing a snapshot of some of the trendy foods that are available today! Why do grains, fibre and Omega–3 offer us excellent food choices? Where does salt, chocolate and wine fit in? Come and find out yourself in this entertaining and informative session.

Keywords: Exotic Fruits, fruits, Fruits And Vegetables, Healthy Eating, Vegetables

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