10 Reasons You Need WhatsUp Gold

By: WhatsUp Gold  09-12-2011

  1. Split Second Graphs Workspace Reports - Flexible reports allow you to custom configure and add real-time data into any workspace view.
  2. Real-time data in Full Reports - 13 new real-time reports that can be added to most full reports; you can configure full reports to include a graph that is updated continuously with real-time information. Real-time data can now be paired with historical data to give you a 360o perspective of the combined information.
  3. InstantInfo - Throughout workspaces and full reports, you can now view device usage data in real time by simply hovering the cursor over device links in SSG graphs (e.g. hard drive names or network interfaces) to view real-time data with InstantInfo.
  4. Web Task Manager and Web Performance Monitor - Web-based network tools that extend the functionality of familiar Windows tools to every device you monitor in real time - even for devices that do not run Windows. These new real-time graphing and reporting features allow WhatsUp administrators to engage in predictive management of almost any device or system that is being monitored.
  5. Discovers and maps all your network devices and systems automatically
  6. Notifies you proactively as problems occur on your network
  7. Presents both instantaneous and historical reporting
  8. Real-time data in Full Reports: 13 new real-time reports that can be added to most full reports
  9. 360° Visibility: WhatsUp Gold provides 360° visibility to your network, allowing you to see all applications and network devices at a glance.

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WhatsUp Gold - Mobile Access

With innovative features such as, Device Views and DirectLink notifications, WhatsUp Gold brings a whole new dimension of portability to network management, providing a secure and transparent window to your network’s status and NetFlow reporting from anywhere, at anytime.


WhatsUp Gold Case Studies

Bss is a registered charity that provides outsourced contact centre, fulfillment and mailing services in the UK to charitable organisations such as leading cancer support charity Macmillan, mental health charity Mind and e-learning network Learndirect.


WhatsUp Gold Features

Offering you key features such as:, Device Views with access to device maps, as well as DirectLink notifications, WhatsUp Gold gives you complete portability in monitoring your network. With WhatsUp Gold managing your network infrastructure 24x7, you can be assured that you have the necessary visibility and control to meet the demands of your business.


WhatsUp Gold System Requirements

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express Edition, SQL Server 2005 Standard or Enterprise Edition or MS SQL Server 2008 Standard or Enterprise Edition. SSEE supports up to 4 GB database size and up to 1 GB RAM for the buffer pool. Required for pager, SMS, and beeper actions; modem pooling is not supported. Windows Scripting Host is installed with the Windows operating system. WhatsUp Gold: 4 GBFlow Monitor: +4 GB. Required if installing from CD-ROM.