By: Westcan Bulk Transport  09-12-2011

What moves us here at Westcan? Our fleet, the expansive force of vehicles that we've assembled to ensure that every delivery gets where it's going, safely, on time, and with Westcan's superior service and courtesy.

Our equipment is among the best and most modern in use today. Westcan was the first company in the world to install dual on-truck dye injection systems. We also utilize two way haul units on non-traditional products such as fuel and lumber or fuel and molten sulphur. Our goal is to have the right equipment to deliver the goods quickly and efficiently, so clients can stop worrying about their deliveries the minute Westcan signs on as their carrier.

Here are some types of equipment included in our fleet:

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Westcan specializes in transporting liquid and dry bulk commodities including petroleum, ammonia, asphalt, fertilizer, grain, mining commodities, lumber and more. We work directly with manufacturers to build equipment to the specifications required to move clients' materials. At Westcan, our wheels are always turning - relentlessly pursuing higher levels of customer service. It's our approach to transporting this cargo that makes us different.