WM-Oil Sand Expro

By: Wellsite Masters Engineering  09-12-2011

The following is the newest technological support established by Wellsite Masters.

  • Simple to use.
  • Full compatible with Tour Sheet.
  • Simple – readable data.
  • Easy hardware installation.
  • Fully adjustable to any of the Rigs.
  • No external sensors.
  • No complex conventional details everything is simplified for oil sands operations. 
  • A program that combines full field data compilation with mapping capabilities.
  • It contains modules that can be customized to fit specific client reporting criteria.
  • Has a unique system for program execution to direct all stages (of sometimes diverse and distant operations) from one location.
  • It is the single source of information because all collected data is stored there.
  • Latest details of construction, rig locations and drill & coring statistics are sent to the client on a daily basis (but are captured and updated throughout the day).
  • A composite of this updated information is displayed on a 42” LCD screen in the field office.
  • This display will be fully networked so the client will be able to get updates at any time in a matter of seconds. 
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy input.
  • Made especially for Oil sands operation using inputs from over 50 drillers and toolpushes that are experienced in this specific region.
  • Full control of Licence well (Notification pop up screen – does not allow inputs before notification to geo is inserted).
  • Easy control over water usage.
  • Easy control over mud disposal.
  • No extra hardware required.
  • Over 90 premade descriptions available for daily input. 
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy input of cement volume and materials information coupled with a detailed timelog.
  • Easy file transmission
  • Designed to work on netbooks for portability.
  • Simple to use.
  • Easy input.
  • Customized for Oil sands geotechnical operations (auger, hydrogeological installations, SPT, etc.)
  • Complete input for materials and installations.
  • Full control over Daily Tickets using Control Tickets.
  • Small file sizes and fully customizable.
  • Making budget reports instantly.

Other Products

This is list of the products that Wellsite Masters developed between 1997-2005. These products were all created and are fully functional. In our company, we believe that one picture is worth a thousand words, which is why we have a visual presentation of our products.

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Working in the Athabasca region has also offered us the opportunities for good relations and contacts with local contractors, forestry, and native groups in the Fort McMurray area. We offer the following services for drilling and coring programs employing the latest use of mapping systems, a custom-made database and a safety supervision plan. Our services focus on oil sands drilling supervision.