Satellite Telecommunications For Oilfield Exploration, Drilling Rigs

By: Virgin Technologies  09-12-2011

Reliable and convenient--even in the most extreme locations or conditions.

intercoms or connect to your corporate

quickly, easily and securely. 

Our oilfield exploration solutions are ideal for keeping exploration teams connected with each other and head office--no matter where they're based or for how long. Improve decision making and asset management by enabling consultants, geologists, site engineers, and project managers to communicate with HQ without delay.

Drilling Rig Equipment & Service Options
Daily and monthly satellite telecommunication rentals with 24/7/365 support and on-site delivery and setup, if necessary.

For those working in the same remote location for an extended period.  Coverage over most of North America. 

For those that move frequently yet require quick, simple true broadband connectivity from most areas of North America. 

Rig Intercoms

Completely wireless

rig intercoms for communication between locations (FREE calling anywhere in North America) or from shack-to-shack with 2-digit calling.

Cellular Repeaters

Powerful cellular repeater to strengthen cellular coverage at rigs or camps up to 100km from the originating cellular tower.

Iridium Satellite Phones

For those needing telephone/data in remote locations throughout Canada where landlines and cellular networks are weak or non-existent. 

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Benefits of Our Solutions For Drilling Rigs and Camps

-->Standard office applications: telephony ( or satellite phones), email, Internet,, video conferencing, large file transfer

--> Site engineers and geologists sending exploration data and pictures to head office for analysis

--> Project managers sending progress reports and chasing suppliers and contractors

--> Visual analysis of site and equipment via video or camera

--> Remote workers deployed on-site for extended periods can stay in touch with family and friends via email and phone

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Virgin Technologies - MotoSat DataStorm G74 Mobile Satellite for RVs

If you want high speed Internet anywhere you travel, even to the most remote portions of the desert or mountains, the new DataStorm G74 with .74m dish and D4 controller will deliver. The MotoSat DataStorm G74 offers download speeds averaging 400k - 600k (twice that of normal ADSL), and upload speeds averaging 38k - 52k (twice that of a typical modem connection).


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Connect to your corporate network and stay in touch with employees while they are in the field. Stay connected while you're in the field with Phone, VPN and broadband VSAT Internet services. Communicate from the drilling rig with VoIP, intercoms, boosters and VSAT broadband Internet. Secure, reliable broadband satellite with voice service.