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Pricing per scan/frame (in CDN dollars)

$0.39 Slides (35mm, 40mm/127, 110) - 3600 dpi , 16 bit color depth
- 1mm thick cardboard or plastic slides
- 20 cent per slide surcharge for 2mm thick plastic slides
- 20 cent per scan surcharge if slides provided in plastic binder sheets
Negatives (35mm) - 3200 dpi / 24 bit color depth
- 20 cent per slide surcharge if you'd like 4800 dpi
Photos (up to 8 x 10) - 600 dpi / 24bit color depth
- 20 cent per scan surcharge if photos are tintype
- 20 cent per scan surcharge for 1200 dpi
- 20 cent per scan surcharge if photos are provided in albums or frames
$0.59 Medium Format Slides (70mm x 70mm slide frame dimension)
- 3200 dpi, 24 bit color depth
- 20 cent per scan surcharge if you'd like 4800 dpi
Medium Format Negatives - 3200 dpi / 24bit color depth
- 20 cent per scan surcharge if you'd like 4800 dpi
$0.79 Large Format Negatives - 3200 dpi / 24bit color depth
- 20 cent per scan surcharge if you'd like 4800dpi
$1.59 Glass Large Format Negatives - 3200 dpi / 24 bit color depth
- 20 cent per scan surcharge if you'd like 4800dpi
$0.20 BACK of photographs - 300 dpi
$5.00 DVD containing your in scans.  This is a per DVD price.
- If you'd prefer your files transferred to your own USB HD, a charge of $0.30 per gig is charged for this instead of the DVD charge.
$24.95 Photo re-touching/restoration hourly rate.  This service is performed upon request.

With regards to scanned photographs, historically many people write comments and/or dates on the back of photographs. 

For an additional fee as noted above, where this is present, we can scan the backs of your photos at 300dpi (suitable for preserving and printing this vital information) and include these scans in your order.  These photo-back scans will be named intuitively such that they match to the photograph from which it came.

About our Scanning Services

We offer premium professional scanning services for the following media. 

All slides (35mm, 40mm/127, 110) are scanned at 3600 dpi at no less than 16 bit color depth.  Prints are scanned at 600 or 1200 dpi at no less than 16 bit color depth.

Medium format slides are scanned at 3200 or 4800 dpi at no less than 16 bit color depth.

35mm negatives are scanned at 3200 dpi at no less than bit color depth.

Larger format negatives are scanned at 3200 or 4800 dpi at no less than16 bit color depth.

All scans are provided to the customer on DVD in the original scanned TIF format unless otherwise requested.  For your convenience, we also provide the same scanned images in JPG format suitable for printing at your favorite photo printing establishment.  They will be mildly compressed jpgs reduced in resolution by 50 percent.

The reason why we provide the original TIF scan is that all of the scanned information is contained in this format.  There is no compression and therefore no loss of quality (lossless).  Our goal is to provide you with the best quality scan at the most affordable price on the market.

110 slides
35mm slides
40mm (127) slides
Medium Format slides (70mm x 70mm slide frame dimensions)

Medium format
Large format
All other negative sizes up to and including 8" x 10" negatives and transparencies

Any size photographs up to 8 x 10
Tintype photographs up to 8 x 10

1mm versus 2mm Slides

Virtually all slides produced were 1mm thick (plastic and cardboard frames).  On occasion, it's possible to find 2mm thick slides (found in European slide frames).  These are non-standard slide thicknesses (for North America), and are incompatible with today's scanning equipment.  This is not to say that we cannot scan them, however, each slide of that thickness (2mm) must be scanned manually.  This explains why an additional surcharge is added for each 2mm slide scan.

Slide Sizes and Condition

Standard slide sizes are all 1mm thick, and can come in 127 (40mm) style slides, 35mm slides or 110 slides.  110 slides may be mounted in a standard dimension 35mm cardboard frame, or may (as shown in the photo below) be mounted in miniature 110 slide frames.  Any of these 1mm thick slide configurations can be processed by us for the above noted standard scanning charge.  The only exception as noted above is with 2mm thick slides.

Warping of slides is also a concern.  Ideally your slides should be straight without any curve to them.  Albeit this is ideal, this is not always the end result of old slides.  Some curve is acceptable, however, badly damaged, broken or separated slide frames or very bent slides may not be possible to scan.  We will do our best to scan all the slides that are provided to us, however, there may be some slides in very poor condition that will not scan.  Any slides that cannot be scanned will be returned to you unprocessed with the rest of your order.  This is not typical however, as we have managed to scan all slides we've received to date.

The 127 (40mm) blue framed slide shown on the left has a slight warp to it, but scans fine.  The center 35mm slide is in perfect physical condition.  The 110 plastic slide on the right of the above image is also in perfect physical condition.

90 Days for Additional DVDs

Unless otherwise instructed not to do so by the customer, we will retain copies of your scanned image DVD's for 90 days from the date of delivery to allow you time to decide if you'd like to order additional sets of your DVD's.  If after you've received your returned order, you decide other family members would like copies, simply contact us through the contact page on this site, and indicate to us how many sets of DVD's you'd like to order.  The price for additional sets are only $5.00 per disc plus actual shipping costs to your location (if you require shipping).  Your additional DVD sets will be printed with the same cover image you selected for your original DVD set(s).

Typical DVD's containing scanned 35mm slides and/or negatives will contain approximately 30-40 images per DVD.  This may not sound like many, however, the original source (TIF) files are very large as they contain ALL OF THE DATA acquired from scanning your images.  This is the best possible way to preserve your memories.  Their accompanying JPG files will also be contained on each respective DVD.

Order Turn-around times

Your order will be scanned and processed in a timely fashion.  Typical processing time on orders of 1000 slides would be approximately 5 business days.  Large orders (200 or more) are processed on a first come, first served basis.  

Rush orders of 100 or fewer scans are always accommodated with a 24 hour or less turn-around time.  To expedite the scanning process for rush orders, we will only provide JPG images at our standard scanning resolutions for the media format provided.  These far exceed the requirements for slide presentations.  We are sensitive to the needs of our customers when the need for scans for events such as memorials or other time sensitive situations arise.  Please feel free to bring us your urgent requests, and we'll be happy to accommodate your time constraints.

How to Proceed with Ordering

Please ensure that you've entered your contact information correctly (Name / Address / Phone Number and E-mail address) as we rely on this information to get in contact with you should we need to review your order for any reason or have any questions.

If you're a local customer (in the Edmonton, Alberta area), you may arrange to drop off your order.  If you live too far away for this, simply box up your order along with a printed copy of the order summary we e-mailed you and mail it to the following address:

Thomas Christoph
c/o TremorATV
1430 - 114B Street SW
Edmonton, AB
T6W 0N2

780-761-SCAN (7226)

Please notify us via e-mail or a phone call when you've shipped your order so that we know it's coming.

If you're local, we will call you when your order is ready for pickup.  If you've mailed in your order (original supplied material and your scans on DVD), will be returned to you via Canada Post Expedited Surface shipping COD.

Other shipping and/or payment arrangements can be made should neither of these options deem to be suitable.

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Keywords: Dvd, photos, Scanning, Slides

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