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By: Treetime  09-12-2011
Keywords: Trees

TreeTime.ca offers a wide variety of products.  While the majority of our inventory is container and bareroot seedlings up to 1 m (3 feet) in height, we do have some larger inventory that is not listed on this site.

Our trees were grown in 2010 and are currently boxed and in cold storage.  This simulates a winter for the trees but keeps them from the harsh temperature extremes we experience in Alberta.  These trees are ready for shipping in early May and will come in a frozen, dormant state.  When planted, Treetime trees wake up from their winter sleep and will react like normal trees in the spring.  Water well and allow 2-4 weeks for full flushing of new growth.

Treetime trees are hardy and can be left in the boxes for up to a week.  They will not be damaged by short periods of cold or heat and on average will out perform all other stock types in terms of growth and survival.

Keywords: Trees