5 Tips for Effective Postcard Marketing

By: The UPS Store #453  01-04-2016
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Postcard marketing packs a powerful punch. Easy-to-use as well as cost-effective, many businesses are going back to this tried-and-true form of marketing to attract a highly targeted audience. Here are 5 simple tips to optimize the results of your postcard advertising campaign: 1) Make a big impression: Effective postcards have three things in common—they are attractive, memorable and compelling. Use high quality photos and graphics to attract your customers as well as drive home your message. Be bold, but not gaudy. You don’t want to drive people away! Think of it as your only chance to connect with your prospects and make that big impression that will remain top of mind. 2) Avoid the sales pitch: Use creative ways to get your message across. The best way to be remembered is to stand out from the crowd. Don’t make it look like just another product or service ad. Customers get turned off when they see this. Try to personalize the message to make that direct connection. 3) Get to the point: Be simple, clear and direct. Don’t clutter your postcard with images or content as the entire effort will be wasted. Define your purpose in short, catchy phrases and sentences. Include your contact information and tell your customers exactly what you want them to do. 4) Don’t seal the deal: The purpose of your postcard marketing campaign is to get customers to come into your store or visit your website to purchase your product or service. So get them to commit to the next step in this process; don’t attempt to make the sale right away. Remember that you don’t have the space for a detailed sales message that will seal the deal. You could end up losing the prospect if you create the wrong impression. 5) Encourage prompt action: Most businesses use postcard advertising to inform customers of a special offer, introduce a new product or service, or reward them with a bonus. The idea is to get their target audience to take action as soon as possible. So make sure you have something to hook them. The most effective way to do this is to present your offer as clearly and quickly as possible. Don’t assume your prospect is going to read the entire postcard. Above all, remember to print good quality postcards. Improved printing technology has helped reduced the cost of high-quality postcard printing. The results will be worth it. The UPS Store #453 in Edmonton has a full-range of printing solutions and options to meet your needs. Our creative designs and professional finish can help deliver your message loud and clear. It’s like having your own personalized printing services but without the operational overheads. We know how to take your postcards from good to great! Consult our experts about how you can optimize the results of your postcard marketing campaign. Email us at [email protected] or call 780-468-1168

Keywords: color printing, Postcard Printing, printing company, Printing Services

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