Complete Odor Removal

Complete Odor Removal from THE OZONE-PROS

By: THE OZONE-PROS  04-08-2015
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ELIMINATE INDOOR ODORS: -Caused by cigarette /cigar/tobacco smoke, ethnic foods, pets, off-gassing of paint, new carpets, flooring, hardwood finishes, solvents and allergy-causing air-borne; hard surface contaminants, mold/mildew, etc. -Completely Deodorize, Disinfect & Sanitize all your Indoor air & surfaces. We "DON'T" do Home Inspections, Renovations or Carpet Cleaning... WE "DO" ELIMINATE ODOURS, BACTERIA, VIRUSES & ALLERGENS....DEODORIZE, DISINFECT AND SANITIZE...PROFESSIONALLY WITH A GUARANTEE. Utilizing Ozone Shock Treatment by The OZONE PROS. our Advanced Ozone Generation System generally takes 2-8+ hours for your space to be odour FREE. Ozone Gas introduced at “shock Levels” to an enclosed space is proven to successfully eliminate 99.9% of indoor air odours in addition to killing harmful organic contaminants, bacteria and viruses in the air and on surfaces. OZONE SHOCK TREATMENT is safe, efficient, non-invasive and environmentally friendly. It does not affect materials, food, clothing, furniture, etc., within the home and leaves no residue behind after the treatment is complete. The Ozone actually blasts apart the contaminant/odor then converts back into oxygen within minutes of the process being complete leaving a clean, fresh Laundry-like scent. Ozone Gas is uniquely effective with it's ability to be circulated throughout the Ventilation/Furnace System to efficiently eliminate air-borne odors, Organic contaminants, Bacteria, Allergens and Viruses that may be trapped within the Ducting System. (Ozone Does not physically remove dirt and debris) “Indoor Air Pollution is one of the largest contributors to Poor Human Health” as we Canadians spend up to 70%+of our time indoors. 1 hour after completed treatment and Exhausted Ozone gas it is safe to re-enter your clean, fresh, sanitized home/space. We can efficiently Deodorize, Sanitize and Disinfect in 2-8+ hours Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Daycares, Seniors facilities, Sports fascilities,locker rooms, Hotels, motels, gyms, large indoor courts,hospitals, clinics, morgues, meat processing plants,barns, shops, hockey dressing rooms, football Dressingrooms, homes, offices, storage facilities, etc. Note: A significant side effect of Ozone Shock Treatment is Ozone Gas kills mice, lice, fleas, ticks, bedbugs, ants and most all vermin that require oxygen to live. By simply converting ambient Oxygen into high levels of Ozone can eliminates these pests. For more Information visit our website: or Call 780-446-8093 Member of BBB. Accepting: Cash, Cheque, Visa, MC, AMEX

Keywords: Air Conditioners, Air Conditioning Equipment, Air Handlers, Air Purifiers, air quality, central air conditioning, Home Heating And Cooling

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